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WHAT TO WRITE: Bold accents go a long way in a room without a lot of clutter to bog it down. If you want to liven up an otherwise "empty space," add color!

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WHAT TO WRITE: Who says you need a traditional dining room table? If you want your home to have a lot of eccentric character, add unique pieces together to create your own charm. 

WHAT TO WRITE: Need more storage solutions in your kitchen, but don't have the space to build out? You can always build up!

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WHAT TO WRITE: Want to bring some character to your staircase? You can skip the paint, and opt for wood accents instead.

WHAT TO WRITE: Those aren't bricks, they are wood blocks! What a clever flooring trick. Would you do this in your own kitchen?

WHAT TO WRITE: Want to add a cozy reading nook in your little one's space? Throw a custom cushion on the floor with some decorative pieces to do the trick. A little can go a long way!


WHAT TO WRITE: Hidden office, anyone? You could also turn a hidden room into a secret movie room. That would be a blast for visitors? Would you do it if you had the space?

WHAT TO WRITE: Want to brighten up your bathroom? Use marble to bring a light contrast into the space, and add mirrors to your cabinets. 

WHAT TO WRITE: What a view! Don't think you could pull me away from a bathroom with a master suite like this. Would you trade your current bathroom for this one?


WHAT TO WRITE: Want to accent a feature in your living room, but a whole wall would end up being too much? Add some creative tiles to your fireplace instead!

WHAT TO WRITE: This dark Victorian master suite goes against modern decorating tips. Would you still do your master similar to this? It would almost feel like you were living in a castle.

WHAT TO WRITE: Us ladies aren't the only ones that can use a walk-in, tag someone who has enough clothes to fill this room up!


WHAT TO WRITE: Always forgetting the password to your WiFi, or have guests that constantly need it? Put up a cute artwork somewhere in the house that has the password readily available

WHAT TO WRITE: Why stick to a color accent wall, when you can add floral elements and make it look as beautiful as this room! Would you use a floral wallpaper in any of your rooms?

WHAT TO WRITE: Accent walls aren't just for the walls, you can also accent your ceiling. Do you like this look?


WHAT TO WRITE: Sometimes you need a little more in your bathroom then just plain white walls. Check out the use of patters and gold fixtures in this beautiful condo bathroom. What do you think, do you like it?

WHAT TO WRITE: Yes! That's in indoor pool! If you had unlimited funds, would you add an indoor pool in your house this extravagant, or is it a bit much?

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WHAT TO WRITE: Find yourself with your bathroom floor being the dirty laundry collector? You could always add in a storage solution that takes care of that issue.


WHAT TO WRITE: Want to get creative with growing little ones that need some help getting dressed? Use some chalk to label their drawers and give them a little unique motivation!

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WHAT TO WRITE: Like the idea of subway tiles, but want a little more luxurious touch? Use them as a bold color, instead of white, and use bold fixtures that match!

WHAT TO WRITE: Want a modern kitchen, but don't want to lose the charm of old decor? You can always combine the old with the new like in this kitchen below!


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