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WHAT TO WRITE: Want to add a little European charm to your bathroom? Add subway tile throughout! Do you like the color tones?

WHAT TO WRITE: The perfect pantry space! Even has a warmer, what do you think is missing from this pantry? Or does it have everything you'd need?

WHAT TO WRITE: Want a cozy nook? You don't need a huge space to add in the perfect one, just be sure to open up the space with a window, especially one with a view!


WHAT TO WRITE: Baby and pet gates can be such a hassle, often getting in the way. This hideaway gate is the perfection addition - functional and beautiful! 


WHAT TO WRITE: Enjoy the outdoors while still enjoying the comfort of being inside. Love this rustic sunroom!


WHAT TO WRITE: Taking bathing to the next level - would you add this rain shower to your bathroom?

WHAT TO WRITE: Spruce up your kitchen by adding floating shelves that have a rustic and natural touch.

WHAT TO WRITE: Dreaming about a library in your home? Turn your hallway into your book collection!


WHAT TO WRITE: Want to add some creativity to your living room? Skip the traditional light fixture and go with this look! Do you love the lighting in this living room?

WHAT TO WRITE: The first impression is the most important. If you want to spruce up a small front patio, add some color and patterns to do the trick!

WHAT TO WRITE: You can add a modern open concept by using glass on your staircase. Love how this gives the stairs an almost floating style.


WHAT TO WRITE: Considering adding an indoor swimming pool? Take it a step further and use a log cabin theme to cozy up the room. 

WHAT TO WRITE: What do you think of this home theater? Love how they have brought a rustic touch and outspace feel together so beautifully.

WHAT TO WRITE: Add rustic wood elements into a white kitchen to add warmth to what would otherwise feel like a stark room.


WHAT TO WRITE: Need some inspiration to make your bedroom cozy? Add some warm colors with a lot of beige/whites and some fur throws. Perfect for this chilly weather.

WHAT TO WRITE: Can you believe that is a house?! The bottom floors holds the kitchen, could you live in something so small?

WHAT TO WRITE: An infinity pool and a breathtaking view - can't beat this property location! Would you replace the snow with this home and weather?


WHAT TO WRITE: A kitchen made for a cook, look how big it is! Storage is a must have for my space - do you want this kitchen?

WHAT TO WRITE: This foyer is timeless. Love how classy the use of black and white was used in this space.

WHAT TO WRITE: What do you think of the transition from tile to wood floors in this kitchen space? Do you like it and the color scheme?


WHAT TO WRITE: Stunning bedroom with beautiful shiplap ceilings, who needs warm color tones when you can brighten up the house during the cooler months.

WHAT TO WRITE: Unbelievable view - if I had a view like this, I don't think I'd ever complain about the cold weather.

WHAT TO WRITE: Nothing beats floor to wall windows. I'm obsessed with how they have taken this architecture to a new level by placing it in a secluded lot.


WHAT TO WRITE: This home on wheels in Hawaii is pretty small in square footage, but not lacking in comfort! Love the sky lights.

WHAT TO WRITE: Can you imagine? A whole wall dedicated to grocery lists, notes, recipes, etc. Would you add a chalk wall to your kitchen?

WHAT TO WRITE: Guess this could take your shower to a whole new experience! Clever or too much?


WHAT TO WRITE: Who says you need bold colors to add a fun touch to a room? Bring in some complimentary patterns and you can take a space from boring to chic.

WHAT TO WRITE: Stripe walls really add an American Victorian feel to a home, would you add this color scheme to your foyer?

WHAT TO WRITE: Exposed wood and light blue walls, might change up the wall colors to fit my taste - would you keep the blue?


WHAT TO WRITE: If you are looking to add a nautical theme to your bedroom, but want to keep it subtle, you can really play up the blue and white colors. Just add a nautical touch to an accent wall.

WHAT TO WRITE: Love seeing different themes blend well together in a room. This beautiful rustic table fits perfectly in such a modern space. And those windows really bring in the light for an otherwise dark room.

WHAT TO WRITE: Hello views! Condo living doesn't have to feel so shut in, let me help you find a place that opens you up to the city.


WHAT TO WRITE: Barbie pink! Are you brave enough to add a pink color scheme to your whole house?

WHAT TO WRITE: The simplicity and color scheme in this bathroom is refreshing, sometimes you need a soft part of the home that doesn't feel so cluttered in it's decor.

WHAT TO WRITE: Indoor patio - the tiles on the wall really make this space. I'd probably spend every day in here with a book. 


WHAT TO WRITE: This back-splash is a very unique touch - adds a very rustic vibe. What do you think, would you add this to your kitchen?

WHAT TO WRITE: Get clever with your home decor and use refurbished items to spice up your space - like this bar using a Jack Daniel's light fixture.

WHAT TO WRITE: If you need to add a bathroom to a small space, you can use modern barn style doors to elegantly hide it!


WHAT TO WRITE: Christmas is nearly here! Have you decorated your home yet? We'd love to see a picture of your home!

WHAT TO WRITE: Are you hosting the holiday dinner this year? I bet you could use an oven like this one right about now!

WHAT TO WRITE: Who needs a cheap plastic gate when you can add a custom barn wood door to keep the little ones and pets from going upstairs. 


WHAT TO WRITE: Love this movie room! Adding the outdoor movie feel inside. Pretty clever, what do you think?

WHAT TO WRITE: Want to add an accent wall in your bathroom? You can add reclaimed wood and add a rustic touch to the space!

WHAT TO WRITE: Are you doing elf on the shelf this year? We'd love to see the clever ideas you come up with! Post your photo in the comments below.


WHAT TO WRITE: A kitchen fit for a rustic queen! Do you like the wood look? 

WHAT TO WRITE: Are you hosting dinner for the holidays? Let's see your table settings! We'd love to be inspired by what you are doing in your dining room.

WHAT TO WRITE: Small kitchen pantry? No problem - add some shelving to help organize all of your content.


WHAT TO WRITE: A must for the cook in your life. Clever little kitchen gadget, might make a good Christmas gift!

WHAT TO WRITE: We love unique bathroom faucets and sinks. This one really adds a spa like feel to a bathroom.

WHAT TO WRITE: Have you already decorated for Christmas? Share your photos below! 


WHAT TO WRITE: Want to add an accent wall in your bathroom? You can add tiles to the wall like this gorgeous one below!

WHAT TO WRITE: Love this exposed brick in the kitchen - cozy and has a farmhouse style touch.

WHAT TO WRITE: Grey on grey. Do you like the floor and cabinet colors in this photo or would you add more contrast?


WHAT TO WRITE: If you need to add stairs to a small space, you can hide one level in another!

WHAT TO WRITE: LOVE LOVE this laundry room! The color scheme is stunning, and the puppy bath is a must-have.

WHAT TO WRITE: Talk about relaxing - this cozy bathroom is perfect with the stained glass window.


WHAT TO WRITE: A closet made for a queen! Wish we could have this stunning room in our home. Might have to go shopping just to fill it up.

WHAT TO WRITE: Don't just stop with a puppy-bath in the laundry room when you can have built ins like this one to feed them as well!

WHAT TO WRITE: Love how cozy this toddler boy's room is. Minimal decoration, yet so adorable!


WHAT TO WRITE: Add a canopy to a little girl's bedroom and you'd be surprised by how much it ties the whole room together. Perfect for small rooms without a lot of wall room for art.

WHAT TO WRITE: This farm house laundry room is a must-have! Look at the size of this room - we might just enjoy doing laundry in here. Might.

WHAT TO WRITE: A fun kitchen gadget to keep clutter off the counters and still organize all of your food. Would you add this to your kitchen?


WHAT TO WRITE: Known for hosting parties and events in your home? Then this ice bar is a must! We love how elegant this looks. 

WHAT TO WRITE: Modern, minimal bathroom brightened up with this beautiful tile. One strong accent piece can really make a room.

WHAT TO WRITE: Look how cute this bedroom is! If you have a little one that loves airplanes, this room would be perfect for them!


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