I have two vision boards. One for my dream life, and one for my dream business. Building out a vision board for your life is incredibly important because it reminds you of your "why" to keep working hard. But I don't hear very often about a vision board for businesses. You want a vision board that is outside of money bags, luxury houses and cars, or vacations. But instead, one that really reflects the impact you want your brand to make, the story you want it to tell, and the over all theme you want to express with it. Check out my vision board that I printed below:


It really goes back to your theme. It's the emotion you want your business to express to your client base. Putting it together as a vision board you can view everyday can help you stay consistent with your goals. Now along the way, details can change, but that's okay. Don't lose focus of your overall vision and what you want to achieve at the end of the day.

The Duchess Homes, my very first brand, was to be luxury based. So I wanted a stunning website that really stood out from the generic ones I saw other agents doing. I wanted business cards that felt heavy and stood out in a customer's hand. Something they can smirk at and think "cool." Postcards and mailers that made someone feel special to open, as if it was an invite to an exclusive community led by me, instead of just another spam mail. So I captured images of all of that, off the lovely Pinterest, and I put that together in a vision board for my business. And seeing it daily, on my office wall, it reminded me the approach I needed to take when it came to putting my marketing material together. Before I placed an order for another piece of marketing, I made sure it aligned with the vision of my vision board. If it didn't, I tossed the idea aside and started over.

Now whether you are doing luxury, or chic, or rustic, or for first responders, etc. Make sure your vision is consistent in everything you do, because details will stand out, you will be branded and remembered as the woman who does a niche and does it awesome, and you'll stand out above everyone who is running the same generic, outdated business as hundreds of thousands of other agents. 

Go to Pinterest, look up key words to things you love that you want reflecting your dream real estate business, and start saving them. Use high quality images that have modern branding to them. Your focus isn't to copy what others are doing, but to draw inspiration. Then head over to, it's free, and build out a collage of all of the photos you collected. On top of that collage, input verbiage that comes to the top of your mind when you think of your business's brand. Once it's done, I want you to print it and place it on your office wall. If you don't have an office, tape it up in the area you work the most and in a place you'll see the most often. 

Don't just build out your life vision, build out your business's vision that is going to end up giving you the life you dream of. The reason you reach your "why."