Ready to become a vlogger, aka video blogger? YouTube can be the biggest resource of business across all social media accounts; however, getting to that point takes a lot of time and strategic marketing. It's not easy to build a following on YouTube as it would be on platforms like Facebook and Instagram, you'll need to use other social media platforms to help grow your YouTube account. And YouTube is going to require a lot of heavy lifting in regards to preparation and execution of content. This isn't to scare you off of YouTube, because it can make you a huge success. But if you decide to build up a YouTube presence, keep in mind that you will need to be in it for the long haul, because it's going to take a lot of consistency, patience, and preparation to find success with vlogging. 

YouTube is the #1 online source for video. With over 1 billion users using it for video sharing, nothing currently comes to it's volume of video use. And it's set up gives you the opportunity to make a dent in the real estate industry, because it is completely underutilized by real estate agents. Why? Because it's not as easy to get off the ground. It requires a lot more effort than just putting together a blog or Facebook post; but on the other side of that spectrum, it also can have a much more positive impact. 

YouTube is the second largest search engine, coming in right behind Google. Which means the SEO impact from it is drastic. And a whole 17-20% of users on the internet actively are on YouTube, daily. Those a big numbers, which means a huge resource of potential business for you - if done right. And yes, even if you are living in a small town, YouTube can go much further for your business than Facebook. And just like Facebook, you can pay to advertise, so you are also showing on other people's videos instead of just being found off your own page.

Check out Jessica Riffle's YouTube page and see what a success it can be: Jessica Riffle YouTube


1. Make your profile shot a picture of you or your team. The spot for this is pretty small, so be sure to make the most out of it.

2. Have a fun cover photo that really pops with a fun line of text across it. This is going to be the very first thing people see when visiting your page, make sure it indicates you're in real estate, and isn't blurry, or content cropped out in a strange way. 

3. Visit your about section, and attach all relevant links to your brand. So it shows up on the cover photo corner. Like your website, Facebook, etc. By visiting your website, they'll have an easier time getting in touch.

4. Fill out your bio completely, make it fun, showcase a lot of personality, and don't forget to add your brokerage information on this section. Also had your business phone number and email address so they can reach out to you that way too.

5. Create different playlists to organize the different types of videos you make. Some for sellers, some for buyers, maybe broken down by loan options as well. Once you get to a point of having a ton of videos, it'll be easier for your users to know where to look for a specific answer to a question.


1. It's okay to start off by using a smartphone if that's all you have on hand. Because the most important thing to do is to start the videos. You can perfect it along the way. But I would highly recommend using a DSLR if you have one. If you are on a tight and need  good quality camera, I would recommend using a Sony ax5100. They shoot great quality video and can connect to your phone so you can get everything on Instagram. The better quality your camera, the better videos, but don't hold out from making any if all you have to start with is your smartphone.

2. I would recommend purchasing a ring light and a couple of box lights from amazon. A good ring light will range around $200 and box lights will range around $25-50 bucks. Not too expensive, unless you are just starting off. Upgrade to them when you get the funds to, but in the meantime, just use natural lighting. Find a good spot inside your house facing towards the window, or you can even shoot a scene outside, just make sure the background isn't very unattractive. 

3. Take the time to edit your videos. Add a little (very little, very simple) intro to the beginning, that matches your brand. This can have your logo or a fun little saying. Incorporate music where ever you can, but light music playing softly. If this is an educational video with you talking, you don't want something over the top, it can turn viewers off.

4. When editing your videos, remove any long pauses in between videos. If you've ever watched professional vloggers, they seem to be able to talk non-stop without having to breathe. When you start doing video, you'll realize there are times you have to stop talking for a bit to catch your breathe. You can get a professional affect by cropping these little bits and pieces out of your video, so there is a nice flow to it.  Of course watch for the cropping, so it's not cropping important aspects of your video.

5. If you have a MAC, you can use iMovie to edit your videos, it comes installed for free. If you have a Windows, I prefer to use Videopad.



1. What are the steps of buying a home.

2. What are the steps of selling a home.

3. Why going FSBO can end up wasting money in the long run.

4. The different types of loans in your area.

5. Top 10 places to eat out at in your city.

6. Upcoming events - make the specific to couples, families, singles, etc.

7. Niche based videos. If you are doing luxury, discuss luxury homes, if you are doing lifestyle, discuss the lifestyles of different parts of your city/town. If you are doing it for moms, have fun mom/house tips to make life easier, DIY tips, etc.

8. Showcase local businesses. Capture going to a new restaurant and trying out a meal from them, or check out a new little shop that may have opened up selling cool antiques. You want  to really make what's in your city/town a large focus of the videos, because this will showcase you as the expert.

9. Showcase local events. Next time you go to the fair, or a small concert, or a charity event, showcase yourself doing so.

10. Video bloggers, are bloggers, just with video. And as it is with any blog, you need to have a fun blog feel that goes with your niche and theme. Add your branding to it and show a lot of personality. 

You'll need to plan out for your YouTube videos. Make sure you sit down and write out your video plans for the month. whether you want to do 5, 10, 15, everything will come together much better if you plan it out. And with the amount of work put into YouTube videos, it requires a lot more preparation than Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. It requires a lot out of you, but it gives you so much more back. It is one of the most personal, relationship building, social media platforms around. I encourage you to take on YouTube because of the lack of agents doing so, but with a warning that you won't become an overnight sensation, and it's going to take some elbow grease to get you to the top.