"Video is like pizza, even when it's bad, it's still pretty good." Love that quote, because it really does sum up the importance of using video in your marketing. If you haven't incorporated video into your business yet, I'm sorry to say, but you're already far behind. Even something as simple as doing a 2 minute Facebook live video will put you ahead of the game, tenfold. 

I see that our male counterparts have an easier time doing video, but have noticed a severe lack in women doing it. Now we ladies are our hardest critics when it comes to our looks, I'm right there with you, but you look beautiful, and I'm telling you now, you HAVE to get on video if you want to stand out in your saturated market. And thankfully, this isn't the 90's where it cost an arm and a leg to get equipment to film quality videos. You can do it with a smart phone with a decent camera and use the daylight. Make sure you take the time to at least stage what your viewers will see behind you, but generally a solid color that doesn't clash with what you are wearing will do the trick. Like a white or black poster, or fabric (with the creases ironed out). You can get a pretty good looking video with a simple backdrop. You can also get a phone tripod and prop your phone up right in front of you so you aren't shaking the video, or holding it an odd angle the whole time. With your backdrop and a tripod, that'll cost you no more than $50. So long as you have a decent phone camera, or if you have a real camera - even better, you'll be set. Just use the natural light, and position yourself so there isn't a glare on you. Simple as that.


Now if you can afford to get higher end equipment, better quality is never a bad thing, but don't let the lack of equipment prevent you from getting your pretty face on video and in front of your client base. You can make educational videos, that are also fun and niche focused, and post them on your Facebook personal page, on your Facebook business page, on YouTube and Instagram, etc. By doing videos like this, you are going to bridge such a big gap in building trust with your followers, that it will make getting business from them that much easier. We are always looking for new marketing solutions to help our business grow, and overlook the impact videos can have if we just take the time to do it. And you don't have to look like a model in your video, be real and be you. Dress appropriately, get freshened up and prepped a little, and it will come down to what you have to say that will count. No serious home buyers/sellers will care what you look like, they are interested in the value you will give them. And you can give them more value in a videos. 



1. Go live on your Facebook page or in a group and talk about local things and add a snippet about the real estate market.

2. Make educational videos about the buying/selling process.

3. Make videos of your listings with photos and text overlays to use in your marketing.

4. Hire a professional photographer to do a video walk-through of a listing.

5. Make videos talking to, and showcasing, local businesses. (This shows you are an active community member).

6. Make niche related videos on your Facebook business page.