I'm a Pin-aholic. I search Pinterest these days for things more so than I do Google. The content is just geared towards the style I like the most, where Google can just kind of pull up a montage of random gibberish. Pinterest hasn't really been a resource of a lot of leads for me, BUT, it has had a huge impact in regards to branding purposes. With small ticket items, like makeup and clothes, you can do a lot of business off of Pinterest, but in regards to real estate, it's focus will be on the brand building aspect. People notice you, they'll check out your page/follow you, then if they are local and interested in buying/selling a home, they'll more than likely visit your website/Facebook to get in touch with you. And if you are building a blog style website, it can be a huge tool to generate traffic for your blog. 

With Pinterest, most people will search for content by keywords. However, a lot of people like to go to their already established keywords and search through there. So when you're making a pin, make sure to attach it to one of the following terms so you get good organic reach as well. Use the following highlighted terms for real estate content, the DIY for home DIY stuff. You can also use the other terms to create boards that suit well to your niche for your brand.




The greatest thing about Pinterest users is the age. We know millennials are avid social media users, but if you aren't focused on the millennial market, Pinterest has one of the largest user base of older buyers and sellers. Which gives it a platform for just about everyone. However, if your focus is towards women (especially moms) they are by far the biggest database of users on this photo sharing platform. Having a niche on Pinterest is incredibly important. If you have a bunch of random boards full of random content, it'll be a lot harder to get followers than it would if your Pinterest board was niche focused and had a story to tell.

If you were doing a board for moms, you can have boards for homes, but you could also have boards for mom DIY stuff with kids, easy meals for a busy family, tips to get freshened up quickly, etc. Or if your niche is for women with a focus on fashion and beauty, you can have boards based around that as well. There is a large interest base on Pinterest, but you'll get a lot further with girly/women content. As you can see from the chart below, the most popular photos are food, home, and lifestyle based. So create your content around those 3 topics.



Make a variety of boards that have their own themes and stories to tell. Make a few for home content, and a few others for niche based content. By organizing it, it makes your board look much more attractive, which encourages users to want to follow you. And don't have too many board topics, you want your board to have a theme that all blends well together.

When posting content on your boards, pinning content from others can help you get more exposure. However, only pick photos that have great quality to them, and have a color focus that matches your brand. As we talked about choosing your colors in the prior modules, it's important to showcase this color theme on your Pinterest page, as equally as it is when doing it on Instagram. 

When posting your own photos, make sure the photos are visually captivating. Use fun angles to capture content. You can watch a few videos on YouTube to get a better idea of taking quality photos, but practice makes perfect, so practice your photography skills if you want to be an avid marketer on Pinterest. 


1. Make each description between 300-350 characters long.

2. Add links that go back to your website or blog.

3. Be sure to have call to actions.

4. Use keywords and hashtags to help organic reach.

5. If it's relevant, tagging other companies/pages can help your reach.


As it is with any marketing platform, the consistency in the amount of times you post, as well as the content you post, will be the determining factor of your success on Pinterest. Pin to different boards on a daily basis, and be sure your board "fakes it till it makes it." Meaning, after a week, remove the photos that don't have good engagement.