Ladies of Real Estate

Real Estate can get expensive! We're always being pitched products and tools left and right. Sometimes we wonder if all these gadgets are actually worth the money. Here at LRE, we're showcasing our favorite tech tools that really help us stand out in our industry. We have no affiliation or pay for these recommendations, everything we share is from a personal preference on what can help us boost our business, check out this week's tech below!

Ladies of Real Estate

iPad Stands For Open Houses

In this week's tech showcase, we're in LOVE with the iPad stands for open houses. And shoot, they can be used at a variety of events to help collect potential lead information. Nothing frustrates us more than talking with a great lead, getting them to write down their contact information, then getting home and not being able to read their numbers or email. And on the other hand, it's frustrating when people don't want to write down their personal contact info. Set-up one of these bad-girls in your open house, pull up an open-house sign in found through your LRE Social membership, and stick up a sign from our downloads section that visitors need to sign-in per seller's request and you're all set. It looks professional and modern, and most likely will draw visitors in it's direction just to check it out. If you have your sign-in page pulled up, it's no brainer you'll be capturing lots of lead info. These aren't on the cheaper end, but we're showcasing it because we think it's worth the investment. Running around $80-$350, depending on what retailer you get it from. We've listed a few websites that carry these to take a look at!

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