Time Blocking


We can't truly accomplish much in our lives with out time blocking and preparation. Time blocking helps us to gain back our personal lives with family and friends. And preparation ensures we sit down to plan out our goals and put them to work. One of the biggest questions I get as a mom of two little girls, is, "how do you find all the time to get everything done?" Simple, I write it all out in advance what I need to do, give myself a realistic time frame to get it done, and work strictly off that schedule - with a few changes here and there.

I wanted to start off the marketing modules attaching my personal planner specifically for my real estate business. What I would do on social media on a daily basis to help grow my brand and my business. You may feel overwhelmed with all of the marketing content to follow, wondering how you'll fit the time in to get it done, but it really doesn't take up much time when you write it out and go through it step by step. When I started time blocking, I got so much more done that when I wasn't, but the biggest change I noticed, was how less stressed I was at the end of the day. 

I saw what I needed to do, instead of trying to remember it throughout a stressful busy day, got it done, crossed it of my list, and moved onto the next thing. Download my time blocking sheet below and you can follow my exact steps, or sit down and create your own. However, before starting the next marketing method, PLEASE start time blocking. I'm telling you from experience that it will make a world of difference.