Pop-by gifts can get a little obsessive! They are an absolute blast to put together, and if you haven't started doing it yet, I highly recommend doing so after you have set aside the budget after a closing. But they don't have to get really expensive, either. Pop-bys can be great for multiple reasons. To connect with past clients who have already closed, to farm your own neighborhood (or another one), or to have a more relaxed atmosphere when going to FSBO and expired listings. It builds relationships and even if you don't get business right away from it, it's the referral aspect that really gives value to doing pop-by gifts. 

Now coming up with an idea can be a bit of a struggle. So I have spent hours scouring the internet to find the best ideas around. You can draw inspiration from the ones below to come up with your own and have a blast doing it. Don't forget to add something they can use to save your information to contact you later down the road. A business card will work, but a magnetic one for the fridge will go a lot further in ensuring you are remembered.


Real Estate Tag Idea: When sending your referrals my way, you can trust that they are in good hands.

Courtesy of Gina Carter.

Real Estate Tag Idea: I need S'more amazing clients like you. Keeping your referrals satifisfied!

Courtesy of Pinterest.

Real Estate Tag Idea: Just popping by to see how you've settled into your brand new home.

Courtesy of Smart School House


Real Estate Tag Idea: Ready to plant your roots elsewhere? Let me help you find your new home!

Courtesy of Pinterest

Real Estate Tag Idea: I "Donut" know what I'd do without your referrals, aside from taking sweet care of them!

Courtesy of Salt & Pepper Moms

Real Estate Tag Idea: It was so refreshing having you as a client, you brightened up the whole experience!

Courtesy of Crazy Little Projects


Make homemade cookies and put them in a homemade treat box. Real Estate Tagline: I'm one lucky cookie to have you as a client. It'd be even sweeter taking care of your referrals!

Real Estate Tag Idea: Thanks A Latte for trusting me to help you find the house of your dreams.

Courtesy Just Add Confetti

Thank you for helping me with my bucket list. Checked off: 1. Getting to meet you.2. Helping you buy a home (or sell.)
Not checked off - helping your referrals.

Add miniature tools for the home in the bucket.

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