Social Media Calendar


Social media isn't complicated, we as Realtors, aka business owners, try to complicate it when we think in dollar signs instead of social connections. If you keep your bottom dollar at the forefront of your thinking, instead of client interaction and growing your own community, then you're not taking the first steps to being successful on social media. We work hard to provide our ladies with pre-made social media content, but they are just the stepping stones to building your online presence. You need to integrate the content we provide with content that connects on a far more local and personal way. We like to consider our content as fillers, call to actions, and a way to stay in touch with your community through the holidays. But it's important, if you want a TRUE connection with your followers, that you create content that showcases your personality and showcases the best features of your local community - so you look like the local professional.

In further coaching modules, we'll dive deeper into tactics that help build your online presence. In this module, we've listed a 7 day social media calendar to help you focus on the topics you should be posting/sharing on a daily basis. Each day can be given a theme to stick to every time. You can follow our themes below or create your own. If you aren't great about posting every day, Facebook has a fantastic feature that lets you schedule posts in advance so even on your busiest days, you're able to get your posts in front of your audience. Check out our monthly calendar recommendation below:

LRE Social

MONDAY: Post A Helpful Real Estate Tip (Preferably Via Video)
TUESDAY: Showcase Something Unique About Your Community
WEDNESDAY: Feature A Local Hot Spot
THURSDAY: Share An Upcoming Local Event
FRIDAY: Share Something Motivational, Funny, or Personal
SATURDAY: Share A Listing For Sale or Open House
SUNDAY: Share A Call To Action (Home Value, List of Homes For Sale, etc.)