Setting Up A Social Media Calendar

Setting up a calendar for your social media content is going to save you a lot of headache, because you'll be able to plan and prep for the month(s), in advance. Spend a day once a month, or once a week, planning out your social media content in advance. Write out on your calendar what you'd like to post for each day, so you aren't wasting hours on a daily basis trying to come up with content. Download and print our free social media calendar below, and start tracking what you plan to post. Automate as many of your postings as possible so you have less to do.


1. Social media is SOCIAL. So, even on the posts that are for advertising purposes, make it fun, and not spammy.

2. Add as many graphics and videos as you can to each post. Avoid doing many posts that are just text based. 

3. Folks aren't on social media to buy/sell a home, the hard-sell will turn-off more followers than it will get you. 

4. Create strong call to actions, so you're followers have direction, instead of just scrolling past.

5. Check your posting analytics. You can see which posts have the best engagement, and do more of those.


FACEBOOK: 1 Post Per Day/Every Other Day
INSTAGRAM: 3 Posts Per Day
PINTEREST: 10-15 Posts Per Day
YOUTUBE: 1 Video Per Week
SNAPCHAT: 2-3 Videos Per Day
TWITTER: 3-5 Tweets Per Day
GOOGLE+: 1-3 Posts Per Day


SUNDAY: Business Promotion
MONDAY: Motivation
TUESDAY: Family Oriented
WEDNESDAY: Engagement
THURSDAY: Community Focused
FRIDAY: Humorous
SATURDAY: Lifestyle



1. Create A Video Answering Most-Asked Questions

2. Share Something Popular About Your City

3. Interview A Customer

4. Interview A Local Small Business

5. Do A Giveaway For A Gift Basket Full of Local Goodies

6. Make A Video About The Different Neighborhoods In Your Area

7. Share Stuff About A Local School

8. Make A Top 10's List About Local Restaurants 

9. Highlight A Customer/Closing Each Month

10. Share Local Statistics With Attention Grabbing Graphics

11. Share Funny Posts, Make It Local If You Can

12. Introduce Any New Members You Bring On Your Team

13. Talk About A Local Upcoming Event

14. Showcase Your Office Space

15. Share Your Personal Story And How You Got Started

16. Share Niche Related Content - Pets, Food, Fashion, etc.

17. Ask Multiple Choice Questions To Get Engagement

18. Create Seasonal/Holiday Content

19. Share Local Historical Places

20. Give Advice On Home Decorating/Staging Tips