Seller Leads off Facebook Groups


Ready to work your landing pages to get a plethora of seller leads? Let's get started! Follow the guide below to start marketing in Facebook groups. You'll need to use your personal page to be able to post in groups, be sure it's set-up as recommended in the branding modules.



As stated in the branding modules, you're going to want to join as many local Facebook groups as possible. For this lead generation method, the more posts you make, the better results you'll receive off of your marketing. Our magic recommended number is 100 groups. If you don't have 100 groups in your area, join as many as you can. Focus on groups with at least 1000 members or more. If you're in an area with a small amount of groups, join ones with 300+ members or more. Don't waste time in groups with very little members, it won't be worth the time invested. Doing free advertising is a numbers game, so you'll want to have a large reach.



Buy/Sell/Trade Groups

Groups By City Name

Groups By City Nicknames

Groups by Zip Codes

Groups by Counties

Niche Based Groups, i.e. Moms, Pets, etc.

You can find groups by searching city names, zip codes, county names, and neighborhood names in the Facebook search tab, and clicking on the groups option to search through the right ones to join. Don't join all 100 at once so you're not temporarily blocked on Facebook. Join 25 and wait a couple of hours and join 25 more, so on so forth till you're in as many as possible. Make sure you make your city you live in public on your bio, or many won't approve you to join.



After you have joined and been accepted into as many groups as possible, you'll need a seller's landing page to be able to move forward with this lead generation method. A landing page is a one page website with a call to action and form to entice people to input their information in exchange for something. In our case, you're going to need a landing page that states they can get a free home valuation, they would simply need to input their info and property address in order to get it. Once you get their email with their information, it would be up to you to send them a CMA and see if they are interested in selling.

You can order a landing page from us off your dashboard (no extra cost, covered in your membership) or if you are using landing pages through other companies you can use those as well. One of our favorite landing page companies is (not affiliated with them, that's how much we actually like the product) simply because they have a CRM attached with their landing pages, and their landing pages send out automated reports to any leads that come through, saving you the time from having to do it. If it's in your budget to get Naberly, we would recommend it, simply because of the automation. If you don't have the funds, you can use one of the ones we provide. Once you've received your landing page and you've been accepted into a lot of the groups, you can get started posting up the ads. Here is what our landing pages look like below, this ad will focus on capturing seller leads:



I'm attaching, below, exactly how your ads need to look in all of the groups. There are 3 components you need to follow EXACTLY. And I mean exactly, because the slightest difference HAS actually made a difference in the amount of leads that come through. For starters, you're going to want to put a small bit of text that is going to be your call to action. We recommend something along the lines of:

"Check out our fun new site! You can get a complimentary home valuation sent directly to your email. Input your address and wait for your FREE report to, click here >>>>>>>>"

I always recommend adding these symbols ">>>>>>" because they add an emphasis to your call to action. Your link will be the link to your landing page. We always provide a hosted landing page URL that looks like, so do other landing page companies. I highly recommend spending $10-12 and getting a custom URL that matches your area and forwarding it with masking to your landing page URL, so the link looks more trusting to locals. 

Now when you post the link, an automated clickable image is going to pop-up. Which leads directly to your page. Sometimes this image and text can look funky based on the details Facebook reads off of the site. You do NOT want a clickable image. It looks spammy in groups, and 99.9% of the time will be looked over. Getting a lead with a clickable image in a group is slim to none. It really looks like spam to people. So how do you fix this? You exit out the clickable image, and put in an image of your own that isn't clickable. You want to use a beautiful picture of an exterior of a home for the best results. Those 3 components need to be followed in order to have success in getting leads. Here is what it should look similar to:



Now when you are posting these in groups, be sure you don't spam the groups by doing it to often. Some groups are going to have strict no ad rules, I've noticed that a lot of groups will let posts like these slide so long as they aren't done very often. If a group has a rule to only post business content on a particular day, stick to that rule so you aren't kicked out of the groups.

When I did these ads, I ran them through about 100 groups. And I only did it once every 3-4 weeks. I'd sit down, post them in about 25 groups, wait a few hours, and pick back up again. You don't want to do them in all 100 at once because you can get temporarily blocked from Facebook, and you don't want that to happen. Post them in all of the groups in one day for the best results. If you post in about 5-10 groups, you'll probably get like 1-2 leads. Remember, this is a free type of ad, and it's all in the numbers, so you need to post in as many as possible to get the best results. If you dedicate a whole day to getting this done, you'll see a large portion of leads that start to come through. Do it once every 3 weeks to once a month, and you'll have enough leads that come in you can work. Keep in mind that the majority of these leads have no intetion of selling, they just want a home valuation. But it takes 1-2 listings to make up for the small amount of time invested, and the other emails can go into your database to nurture. 



When it comes to your follow-up, if you aren't using a automated system for the CMA, then you can send them a message with their complimentary CMA. In that email, let them know they can find the report attached, and ask them how soon they plan to sell? Keep it short, you want a response from them, so you can feel out what their goals are, and face any objections. If they don't respond to your question, follow up with them in 2 days and ask them if they had any questions about the report. Ask if there has been any renovations done to the home that could change the cost, and you can send them an updated version. And ask if they have any questions about selling. If they still don't respond, reach back out to them again in 7 days. If you don't hear back from them after those 3 touches, add them into your database and nurture them as you would other online leads.

This is one my best lead generation methods, that pull in hundreds of leads on good months. Now again, most don't convert, but I'd get a MINIMUM of one listing per month from this method, so long as I posted in all 100 groups, and followed up consistenly. Remember, it's in your ability to convert. You can have a thousand leads pour through and never get a thing if you don't stay on top of the follow-up. So be sure to check in with them and grab their interest about selling their home.