LRE Social

Pinterest is all about pinning images and building beautiful boards that help generate followers. Those followers can than in turn become business. In our 2018 coaching modules, we'll go over the best ways to generate business through Pinterest and how to build boards that connect to a local following. In this section of your membership, we're going to help you build general boards to help build your Pinterest presence. You'll than incorporate this with the teachings found in the 2018 coaching to ensure Pinterest starts working for your business. Each month, we'll have a new board theme. Go into your Pinterest, create a board with the following name we provide below, then click the links to the images below, and start pinning those photos in the specified board. Add a small blurb about what you like about the photo, then put #(YourCity) and #realestate.
We've made it really simple, we're helping you build a beautiful brand on all social platforms!

** Click the images to be lead to the image to pin. **


SEPTEMBER'S BOARD: Outdoor Fireplace


AUGUST'S BOARD: Fairytale Mansions


JULY'S BOARD: Pool Inspiration