Paid Ads On Instagram To Get Leads

Ready to get some leads off Instagram?? Instagram is an incredibly visual resource, and to grab good leads on Instagram, you're going to need some attention grabbing photos. Below, I'll walk you through setting up and effective Instagram ad to help you get leads. For this to have the best results, you're going to need a landing page. A landing page is basically a one page website with a sole purpose of collecting leads. We offer landing pages with your membership so you aren't having to pay extra to get it elsewhere. 



To run an Instagram ad, you're going to have to set-up your ad directly through Facebook. Now if you're wondering why? It's because Facebook acquired Instagram some time ago, and ads need to be set-up on the Facebook platform to show up on Instagram. Weird, I know. You'll go to your ads manager as you would when going to set-up any ad on Facebook, input the information, and plugin your audience details and photo. You're going to set up your ad on Instagram in the section that states "Placements." Now Facebook will already have your posts automated to go on Instagram, for an Instagram specific ad I would remove the Facebook placement by clicking the minus sign right next to it. Don't click the minus sign on the Instagram line.



This part is the most important. The photo you use is going to be a lot more important on Instagram than it is on Facebook, because the style of photos on Instagram have to really tell a story, not just capture attention. Otherwise it'll be looked at as just spam instead of something they want to interact with. By far, the most engaged, lead producing photo I have ever used are ones that are of a home in your area that is beautiful and full of a ton of character, like the image below. Now it HAS to be a high quality image, and it needs to have that "Instagram" feel to the photo. Meaning a nice overlay and an image that just really pops. Don't use any dark overlays that make the picture look outdated, it's not attractive.


Now, it doesn't need to be a Victorian home, you could even use a brand new construction, as long as there is character to the house. People love homes that are unique, especially people on Instagram. Your photo will be the attention grabber, your call to action what you need to get the leads. You could even use a house in complete shambles if it's captured beautifully and tells a story about your local area.



Now your call to action, this part is important. Unfortunately with Instagram, when you make a post and place a link in the post, it's not a clickable link. Someone actually has to visit your profile and click the link in your bio. It's imperative that you have your link to your landing page in the bio link to capture as many leads as possible. If you're just sending them to the front page of your website, it's not going to be very effective. Your ad needs a simple call to action, and so does your landing page, otherwise you won't get very many results. This is also why your photo is very important, because someone has to take the extra step of checking you out, your photo really needs to connect with people in your community.

For in image like the one above, I would say, "I am obsessing this pop of pink in East Nashville. So much charm and character! Are you hunting for the home of your dreams? Hop on over to my page and follow the link in my bio. I'll help you find a beauty that fits your favorite characteristics."

What does the verbiage above do? Give a subtle and fun call to action without being an "ad." Your connecting with them by using a fun photo, it gets them interested, they go to your page to check out what else you have to share, and if they are in the market, it entices them to follow the link in your bio. Now these are a lot of steps for someone on social media, it may seem simple, but people don't like having to do much. So after these steps, it's important that the landing page gives them the simplicity of what they need to input. Then you can reach out to them afterwards to collect more information and help them through the process. Whatever image you use, make sure the call to action relates to it, is fun and laid back, and make the verbiage about THEM. Don't say things like, "hire us we are the best agents in town." People don't like the hard sales pitch on social media, subtle marketing can work like a charm on Instagram.