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W'e’ll Manage Your Business Page

 Let our team manage your Facebook Business page with engaging, funny, and educational material. Our team understands social media and knows what people like to interact with; we’re putting our knowledge to work for you! Engagement has boosted OVER 70% across all of our agent’s pages! We have had tons of feedback that posts have brought in ORGANIC follower buyer and seller LEADS!!

Follow the instructions below to get your page connected to our auto-posts.


LRE Social
LRE Social
LRE Social



1. Link Your Page

Please follow the steps below to link your page with our editor's page to begin your post publications.

1. Go to the business page you'd like for us to post on, on a desktop. (NOT on mobile.)
2. On the white navigation header, right above your profile and cover photo, click "Settings."
3. On the left navigation, click the 8th option called "Page Roles."
4. Under where it says "Assign A Page Role," enter the email AmandaHenderson.LRE@gmail.com
5. Make sure the tab next to where you entered the email is set as "Editor," then click "Add." That will send us a confirmation link that will allow us to verify the request.
6. If you can’t click “Add,” be sure to click the account named “Amanda Henderson” that pops up when you enter our email, and that will allow you to click the “Add” button.

If you have any issues with this step, please reach out to us at support@ladiesofrealestate.com (NOT the gmail account above, that is not a contact email.)


2. You're All Set

If you've completed steps 1 and 2, congratulations! You're all set! Our team will post on your page every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday - except major holidays. Please allow 72 hours for your posts to begin. 


IMPORTANT: If you have “Business Manager” setting turned on, it may cause issues connecting your account. If you are having connection issues, you must turn off your “Business Manager” setting. Having this setting on does not provide any value that is separate from what is provided on a regular business page. Here is a video on how to turn those settings off: Remove Business Manager Settings

If you don’t wish to remove Business Manager, or can’t figure out how, you will need to add us as an “Admin” role, instead of editor.