In the first module of your branding portal, we are going to discuss what to expect in the program and discuss why we are having you start here, from step 1. And yes, it's important to start from the very beginning, even if you already have a brand, because we want to ensure it's up to speed and able to succeed in our fast growing social media market. 

For our new agents, one of the most frequently asked questions is why you should have a brand if you're already with a brokerage that has a brand of it's own. Great question! And the simple answer is, even though you work under your brokerage's name, you are still an independent contractor who is starting her very own business. And with any successful business, having a brand is incredibly important and can be the biggest success factor for long term results. Brokerage loyalty is a phenomenal thing, but if for any unsuspecting reason you decide to break up with your brokerage, it's important to have a brand you can carry with you to the next location, without losing all of the clientele you have spent time and money into growing. 

LRE Social is the new and improved marketing and branding course for women in real estate. Now I'm sure you're itching to rush through the modules to get all of the fun perks we add along the way, such as logos, landing pages, email signatures, etc. we have set up the courses in a way to ensure you go through them step by step. Why is this important? Because having a structured learning course that is going to take you from A to Z of online success is going to give you a better ROI (return on investment) instead of being fed sporadic information that can be confusing. We have structured the program so that each module, whether you are familiar with the topic or not, gives you phenomenal value.

Now you might be wondering what exactly is a brand, and I want to break this down a little bit. Most people think a brand is someone's logo, and that it stops there. But this actually couldn't be further from the truth. There are many components in creating a successful brand, and that's why we are here, to ensure each step is handled properly, but also in a way that will bring you success. A brand does consist of a logo, but it also includes your colors, your niches, your themes, and what it is you want your business to express to your ideal buyers and sellers. Whether you enjoy working with millennials, or luxury clients, or elder clients; whatever it is, your brand should convey this message clearly and in a way that feeds you your preferred type of clientele. Your brand isn't just important before landing a client, it's also important during the home buying/selling process, and even after. It comes with the emotions you leave people feeling when they have completed a transaction with your representation. I've attached a diagram to better explain the components. 


The identifiable visual element that helps customers share and remember your brand. You want the elements of your logo to include: simplicity, be memorable, timeless, versatile, and appropriate to real estate.

Your brand is the image and emotional connection you want to create with your audience. What do they feel and visualize when they think of your brand. It's the conversation buyers and sellers have with people they will refer to you, the connection you make with them on a personal level.

Your brand's identity is made up of the visual components. I.e. your logo, your website, your color schemes, your social media graphics, etc. All of the visual points you use to connect with your audience is the identity of your real estate brand.


Confused? Don't worry, we are going to walk you through the whole process step by step. And if you're sitting there thinking you've been in the game for a while now, and already have a strong brand, it's still important to go through the full courses to ensure your brand is modern and able to succeed in our new age. You're here because your business is missing something, whether you are brand new or have been selling for 20+ years, our program and modules can guide you on the right steps for online success. You must complete the modules in the branding course, in order, before moving on to the marketing courses. Each module will give you an informative blog, podcast, or instructional video, and some may be followed by an assignment to help guide you. Your assignment will be a variety of things, but each one will get you one step closer to running a successful social media business. One that organically feeds you buyers and sellers, without the need to spend an arm and a leg. Don't try to skip through the modules in order that they are provided, or you will be sent back to start where you need to be. Don't get frustrated! We promise this is in your own best interest, and everything we have compiled, and in the order that we have compiled it, will give you the most value out of your program. Just think of this as one of the most inexpensive online schools made just for real estate agents, and even better yet, made just for us lovely ladies who handle our businesses a little more differently than our male counterparts. You'll get tons of cool products and tools along the way, that are included in the cost of your membership, to help you save some money with your business.

We provide free access to our favorite photo editing site, PicMonkey. You can also enjoy fun blogs we'll post to keep you entertained and educated. I look forward to helping you build a HUGE real estate business off social media!