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What To Write: With the holiday season so soon upon us, do you have a home you can be thankful for? If not, let's get in touch and find a place worth spending the holidays in!

What To Write: Are your proud to entertain in your house? Do you love having friends and family over? If you don't love your space and need something better, let's get in touch!

What To Write: What does your home decor say about you? Are you eclectic, minimalist, modern, bohemian, or does it say something else?


What To Write: The pitter-patter of footsteps running on hardwood floors, the echoes of laughter off the walls, the smell of your best baked dish filling the kitchen - that's home. It's meant to cherish your best memories. 

What To Write: Home is more than just four walls and a roof. It's a space that's pefect for every member of your family.

What To Write: If you could live anywhere, what do you dream of seeing out your window? The beach, the city skyline, the mountains, or something else?

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What To Write: Don't "fur"get to buy a home with the perfect backyard space for those furry family members. If you're cooped up somewhere they don't have room to play, give me a call! We'll find a home with a bigger back yard.

What To Write: What is a home if it isn't your dream home? If you've been wanting to make a move to a place that suits your lifestyle, and makes you happiest, then it's no coincedence you're seeing this post. Send me a message!

What To Write: Don't be shy when it comes to painting your home bold colors. Instead of painting a whole room one vivid color, use neutral on most of the walls and let your wild side out on the accent wall.


What To Write: Don't be afraid of using patterns! They can make a home look charming and unique. Just find a base color and make sure your patterened designs blend well with the base.

What To Write: Nothing tells a better story than a home with character. Do you like modern cookie-cutter pads or do you prefer to keep a bit of history in your house? 

What To Write: Can you believe how quickly the school season has come upon us? I can't! If you're still wanting to buy a home before school life keeps you busy, we still have time to start looking for the perfect place!


What To Write: If you haven't fallen in love with your home, then it's not the "one." Realtor, real estate agent, matchmaker - I'm here to help you fall in love with the perfect place.

What To Write: Home is where dreams come to life. Are you inspired? 

What To Write: Let's get you out of that apartment and into a home with a great backyard space. You deserve the perfect home that suits every member of your family.


What To Write:First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes your dream house. If you're making big changes in your life, let me help you with a big piece of the puzzle. When your hands are already full, I'll take the home search process into my own hands to make your experience more enjoyable. 

What To Write: Whether your dream house is in a cottage secluded in the mountains or a condo in the middle of a bustling city - home should be where your heart calls it to be. It's more than just four walls and a roof. 


What To Write:Summer is here! And if you're not living in an area that is encouraging you to become the best you, then you have to give me a call. Let's get you moving somewhere that inspires you.


What To Write: Letting go of a home can feel like you're letting go of a lifetime of memories. But sometimes life takes you somewhere new. Sometimes new walls are meant to capture laughter, new windows to see the stars through, and new floors to feel your steps. If you're ready for your move to feel like a journey to a new adventure, give me a call.

What To Write: You think you have to have perfect credit to buy a home? You think you need 20% down to even start looking? Here's the good news, those are common myths when it comes to buying a house. There are multiple programs to help with low credit and mortgages that begin at $0 down.

What To Write: Keep it light and keep it bright. If you've been feeling bogged down with work or personal life, keep your home decor light to help remove clutter from your mind on a subconscious level.


What To Write: Life is full of energies, both the good and the bad. After a long day of work, kids, and people - remember to take a breath in front of your door and breathe out all of the pent up bad energy and walk through your doors refreshed. Keep your home full of the happiest energy you find in your life. 

What To Write: Let your home be as unique as your dreams. If you feel like you're stuck in a cookie cutter place, but are tired of living a cookie cutter life, let's find you a home with more character that adds more spice to your life. 

What To Write: I love art, for the many reasons it can be loved, but mostly because of the connections I get to make with people I'll may not meet. All of the homes I get to tour with my buyers gives me an insight into the homeowner and helps me understand their vision and love for their home through the art they display.


What To Write: If you could purchase a home right now, what price point would you be looking in? What do you think holds you back from taking the steps to owning the house you're dreaming of? 

What To Write: What's on your reading list this month? If you're like me, then you're a full on book nerd. If you're even more so like me, you've dreamed of having your own miniature library in your house. Even if you don't find the perfect house with the perfect library, I'd love to help you find a home with the perfect cozy nook to cuddle up in to read.

What To Write: If you can afford to, and your allergies aren't a nightmare to deal with, opt in for fresh flowers throughout your home instead of scented waxes or candles. The perfume from a fresh bouquet can add a beautiful aroma to your space and bring the outdoors to you.


What To Write: I love real estate and much it helps me connect with people on such an emotional level. Understanding how each room can play such an important role in someone's life. Like a cozy reading nook can open up chapters in a book that inspire someone to achieve big things in life. I'm passionate about the experience of finding my clients a home that resonate with them to their core. What's your favorite room in a house?

What To Write: No matter what color theme you choose to go with in your home, don't forget to add some green! Adding green through your home with some live plants can help each room feel fresh and lively, and studies show it's great for your health! Now only if I could get a green-thumb to keep mine alive.

What To Write: Spring is here! You know what this means? Getting to open up the windows and let fresh air in, clean your space up for it to feel like new, and get outside more! I'm definitely looking forward to showing properties in this warmer weather, won't be missing the cold too much. Say #me in the comments if you're looking to move this spring and start fresh in a new pad!


What To Write: Is a fireplace on your must-have list for your dream house? Do you have a fireplace now? They can be such a cozy feature in a home. Great to sit around with a good book, some tea or coffee, and a lot of "you" time. 

What To Write: De-clutter. A tip I give to all of my clients prior to them listing their homes on the market. But even if you don't plan on moving anytime soon, decluttering your home is so good for your mind's health. Spend a weekend cleaning up all the extra junk, keep your decor minimal and beautiful, and you'll love how refreshed you feel.

What To Write: I get to see a lot of decorating themes with each home I tour. Do you love homes with a pop of color or do you prefer the more neutral tones?


What To Write: A front door can say a lot about a person's personality. If you could paint your door any shade, what color would it be?

What To Write: It's always exciting seeing new homes come up in our market. I love the new and convenient features they all include. But my heart belongs to the historical side of our city. One thing I wish new homes had were character like the old properties I get the pleasure of touring. Do you prefer new homes or old ones? 

What To Write: Formal dining rooms can be some of my favorite rooms in a house. They are always decorated in such pretty ways! Do you prefer bright and airy formals, or do you like darker tones?


What To Write: Every home has a story. My favorite part of this career is getting to view all of the eccentric homes and seeing the personality of home owners. It really connects me to neighbors in our city I haven't had the pleasure of meeting. 

What To Write: Does your home need a little life? Want to add something throughout your home that won't break the bank? Getting some fresh plants and placing them throughout rooms in your house you frequent the most can really help bring life to them.

What To Write: I love helping my clients find their dream homes, but in the busy life of this career, and seeing how busy my clients are in their personal lives, I see a bad habit with all of us, and that's forgetting to take care of ourselves. So this is your friendly reminder from your local Realtor to eat healthy, take some breaks to refresh, and take care of your body!


What To Write: Color schemes are always changing, cooler shades seem to be a huge trend right now. What bold accent color would you paint your home in? 

What To Write: Are you planning on buying your dream house soon? Don't just look for a home, look for a view. Your dream home should check of the interior amenities on your list, but your view should connect you to your home down to the soul.

What To Write: If you had the choice to live anywhere in the world, where would it be? What city or country would inspire you the most?