How To Convert Open House Leads

If you're not collecting the information of people who walk through your open houses, you are missing out on a lot of hot leads. Although some folks that come through will already have an agent, often times, open house visitors are also those looking to buy (and even sell), and are active in their search. So it's important to gather their email and phone numbers and market to them, so you can have one of these hot leads turn into your own client. 



Often times we get caught up on how to collect emails and phone numbers from folks that come in. But it's pretty simple! Put out a sign that members walking through simply need to "Sign-in per seller's request," and leave out a sign in sheet. We have one you can download here or you can place an order for a digital version that can be used on your tablet here. Check out some of the examples of signs our gals in the Ladies of Real Estate group have been using:



Once you've captured their information, you want to follow up. The first thing I do when I get back home from the open house is send everyone a follow up email. I let them know that I was glad to have them stop by the open house, and that I've set them up to get alerts for new properties that may come up similar to the one they visited. Then I ask them if they have any other criteria they'd like in their search. If they noted upon sign-in that they already are working with an agent, I skip them in this set-up.

Then set them up on the alerts through your MLS for properties that are similar in price/description as the one they visited during the open house. Be sure to follow up in a couple of days (if they haven't responded to the email) to ask them if you can assist them with finding a home. I generally follow up via text, but a phone call can make a bigger impression. This follow up method, of putting them on a drip of listings (where I get the leads) has been the biggest conversion in open house leads. When people are out looking, I follow up with similar listings, and when they find one they love, they'll request a private tour, and when they do that lead goes right back to me.