We'll keep this module short, because the name itself is self explanatory. But when I was organizing the types of modules to do for the branding section, I wanted to focus on giving direction in topics I see a lot of error in. And one of the biggest no-no's I see in our industry, especially online, is the use of low quality, blurry photos. From cover photos on Facebook pages, to the posts that are being shared with your followers, and yes, those blurry photos of your listing on the MLS; I am constantly shocked by the lack of thought put into the what is being shared. 

Your business, your brand, has different aspects to it, that all come together to make it one whole, vital, beating function. And the quality in the content you use reflects a huge part of your brand. When you use blurry photos, no matter in what marketing piece you do, you automatically devalue your brand. You cheapen it, it portrays your lack of passion for your brand and business when your public image isn't carefully put together. This is 2017 ladies, I don't want to see ANY of my gals using low quality images from this point on. I constantly survey your business pages to understand where your strengths and shortcomings are, and nearly a third of the profiles I have looked over have poor quality images.





My rule of thumb is to never go below 1500px. Even if an image in your marketing can do well with a lower quality, always stick to 1500px to be on the safe side. And there really should be no reason for low quality photos. Most everyone has a smart phone in our industry, and they will take quality photos if you take the time to do them right. And there are hundreds of stock photo sites, from free to paid, that will supply you with high quality graphics so you aren't falling short of supply. There really is no excuse to devalue your brand by something as simple as getting a better quality photo. Take care to pay attention to the details of your brand. Yes, these things do matter. For a stronger variety of real estate stock photos, you can grab them here from the stock photos we provide you, or you can purchase others from sites like www.shutterstock.com www.dreamstime.com www.gettyimages.com and there are many more.