You, your beautiful face, on camera, in front of thousands, growing your brand and business to new heights. And what if I told you you didn't have to sell an arm and a leg to afford a spot on T.V., but that you could do it for free! Crazy right?? Not at all! Thanks to social media, you now have the tool to make your own local fame, and bring your real estate business to the top. And how do you do this? Find the largest Facebook group for your area, join it, and go live on video.

And don't worry, you don't need fancy tech to do it either. Just your smartphone, natural lighting, and a good topic you've repeated a few times to yourself to ensure you're comfortable talking about it, and you'll be on your way. If there is any indication that real estate is one of the slowest industries to catch up with new age marketing, it's proven by the lack of videos agents do, and the lack of opportunities agents take to get themselves in front of consumers in the most effective online marketing method around: video. 

Now when you work up the courage to get on video, and yes I know it takes courage for most of us, including me, I don't want you to make a video spamming the group. If you haven't caught onto the trend of almost every module you've read so far, I'm against making "ads," but instead making a connection. And you want to make the connection with your audience on video. Not only to build the relationship, but also to showcase you really are the local expert.

So what are some good topics to discuss? For starters, write out a script you can practice before going live, and you want to be live for a minimum of 15 minutes. You're going to want a little over 10 for the content to be discussed and the last few minutes to give a chance for your viewers to ask questions. Okay, back to the topics of discussion. You want to showcase yourself as the local expert, and you do that by talking about local stuff. I'm going to go ahead and tell you to make your first video about local upcoming events for the year (or months if your area does a lot.) Because people love knowing what's happening in the neighborhood that they can attend, and this info can be hard to find online, so you'll need to do your research before hitting that "Go Live" button. And this major contribution will get people willing to watch, comment, and share.

For other videos, you can showcase the best restaurants to eat at, or the best places to go shopping, etc. Make plans to do it once every 2-4 weeks. At the very end, always include that you're an agent and if they have questions to get in touch with you. By providing this awesome value, getting your beautiful face on video in front of thousands, you are going to set yourself apart from other agents by light years. Because most won't do it, and those who are successful, do things others aren't willing to. 

So your focus is to get on live video for 15 minutes in a large local group to discuss fun local things your community members will see value in. Be comfortable and confident, and show character. Don't be afraid to make a mistake, crack a joke, laugh at your own jokes, etc. People will love the real you, give them the opportunity to get to know you, and they'll be more inclined to do business with a familiar face. Do it at least once a month to keep with the consistency, if not more, and you'll be surprised how much it changes the real estate game for you. That way, when you go to do ads, you'll get way more leads, and way more leads that are responsive when you reach out to them.

Remember, relationships are the key to your business. Nurture it with videos. And I know it can be terrifying to jump in front of camera, but if you can work past the nerves the first time, it will be exciting and you'll anticipate the next time you can do it. Trust me, this comes from an anxiety ridden, closet introvert. And when you work past the anxiety, the fear, success and confidence follows. Good luck, and keep me updated in our members-only Facebook group how it's coming along.