If you aren't familiar with the term IDX, it's simply the home search tool that can be applied to websites, so consumers can look for homes for sale. One of the coolest Facebook features I have seen is a Facebook app attached to your business page that is an IDX. So followers can look for homes directly off your Facebook business page, and you can capture them as a lead directly, if they are interested in a property. Now this is pretty stinking cool! 

Keeping customers on one page is important in preventing a large amount of drop offs when trying to collect leads, so if you are growing followers on your Facebook, you'll capture more buyer leads keeping them on your Facebook app to find a home, then you would sending them to your website or third party sites. So a tool definitely that should be taken advantage of while it's still being used by consumers.

Now this tool is being offered by other services, not our own unfortunately, and does cost money. I'm going to list my top 2 picks below, along with the pros and cons of each one. Now, do you HAVE to have it on your Facebook page for it be successful? No, not at all. But it's definitely a perk that will help you stand out from the competition in your area, and hey, another tool to help you capture leads isn't a bad thing in the least bit. Take a look at the pros and cons of the companies listed below, no we aren't in the least affiliated with either company, so you'll get the real insight of the good, the bad, and the ugly. Just a powerful tool, so it was a must-add on our modules.



You have, at one point or another, probably heard of real estate agent directory. It's a Facebook app to fill out your agent info so you have a Facebook presence as an agent. Not a must, I signed up and never got a lead, but another place to put my face? Sure, why not! Well they also have automated postings on Facebook pages that showcase articles based around real estate or homes, and post a lot of interior photos, as well. Now this same company has a Facebook IDX feed called HomeASAP.

PROS: By far, one of the most modern and prettiest features of all of the IDXs in the list. It also is really easy to set-up, since most of the hard work is done by their team, and you'll receive a few instructions to follow through on. It's also the cheapest on the list.

CONS: Despite HomeASAP being my preferred IDX on the list because of the price and look, they have by far, one of the worst customer service teams I have ever dealt with. They have a listed number, which no one ever picks up at or calls back on. And as far as email responses go, expect to wait about a week, and that's after you've sent multiple messages.

I would go with HomeASAP because, again, it is my favorite, their only downfall is waiting forever for their customer support team. So after purchase, keep in mind to wait at least 2-3 weeks to see your IDX fully integrated with your website. It's $99/year, but use the code HOME and you can get it for the whole year for $69, which is a steal!



I used IDX Broker for my client's websites when I was building out custom ones for them, and I got to have a lot of experience with IDX Broker. It has a lot of customization capabilities, and their feeds, in regards to being up to date, is one of the best ones. However, I have never use their Facebook IDX app, and unfortunately cannot locate an example. 

PROS: Great customer support team that is timely in responding Monday-Friday and make the process of setting up your IDX easy.

CONS: A little more costly, coming in at $39.99/month, and although you are given a generic template, you will have to have some CSS coding abilities to make it fit your brand and make it look modern. Best for anyone with slight coding experience. 


So in conclusion, if you're not too tech savvy, highly recommend the ease and affordability of HomeASAP, just be ready to have the process go a little slow. And if it ends up going fast, all the better!

I'd also add that having the IDX on your page is going to be a great investment because it will save you the money you would have to put up to get a website with IDX. If you ended up going with HomeASAP, you pay $69 for one year, where as having an IDX on your website could be anywhere between $99-$199/month, and that's after the set-up fee it requires to get an IDX website built out. So all in all, great investment, and worth it enough to make a full module discussing it. It's given me great results, and I believe it'll do the same for you.