Facebook To Change Targeting

LRE Social | Ladies of Real Estate

In a huge blow to the advertising sphere of real estate, Facebook has recently announced that it will no longer allow housing ads to target by zip code, and has reduced its geographic map targeting to a minimum of 15 miles. This decision came into effect after a $5 million dollar settlement was reached when a lawsuit was placed by the National Fair Housing Alliance, the Communication Workers of America, and a few other plaintiffs.

This also restricts housing ads that target demographics based on age and gender. This will make it more difficult to reach a sphere focused on a brand that targets millennials, 50+ communities, and female agents who build a brand focused on attracting women home buyers. Although the real estate community is heavily focused on removing discrimination of any form, this doesn’t lessen the impact this will have on agents focusing on nurturing a brand built on the relationship of a demographic or small local area.