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July Calendar



What To Write: Does your home tell a story? We're in love with this boho element in this condo. What themes do you love in a home? Beach, luxury, farmhouse, chic, etc. What's your favorite?


What To Write: If it's in the budget, tile it all the way up! From floor to ceiling, you can add a luxurious touch to your master bath by spending a little extra on the tile.


What To Write: Wish you had more backyard space? You'd be surprised with the possibilities of what your backyard could still end up looking like. Or, you can give me a call and I'll help you find a house with a bigger backyard.

LRE Social


What To Write: Hate the staircase in your home? In your next home reno, consider design options that can help it appeal to the rest of the home's design. What kind of staircase do you like the most?


What To Write: Get outdoors this summer! Even a cozy deck can be made into a quaint little escape. Add an overhead fan if the heat gets to be a bit too much.

DAY 11

What To Write: In the comfort of your own home while staying connected to nature. Homes seem to be on the trend with bigger and better windows. Would you open up your space to more natural light?


DAY 13

What To Write: If there is any place in the home you choose to invest in, let it be your light fixtures. They'll make all of the statement you need in a room.

DAY 15

What To Write: Mix and match! Size doesn't matter in a room when creativity is at play. How cozy and adorable does this otherwise small dining space look? 

DAY 17

What To Write: Raw stone fireplaces and wood beams are still trending in new builds. Do you love this look or are you over it?


DAY 19

What To Write: Neutral tones are said to have a calming effect on our mental state. If you feel like your life is too clustered and busy, consider making a home a little calmer with it's decor.

DAY 21

What To Write: If you feel a little bored with the colors in your home decor, add a pop of yellow! Psychology says the color yellow promotes happiness, no better space than to find that happiness in your own home.

DAY 23

What To Write: Frustrated with a small pantry? Sometimes it's not about the size but more so about the organization!


DAY 25

What To Write: Small spaces can make a big impact! Love the creativity put into this small kitchen nook, now it makes it the place you WANT to be in. 

DAY 27

What To Write: Adding a bold color to an otherwise light room can add some character. Green has been on the rise! Helps make the space feel a little more in tune with nature.

DAY 29

What To Write: If you don't have a big budget for sprucing up your foyer, be sure to invest in getting a good light fixture that makes a statement and is inviting to guests.