Facebook Groups - 50 Contacts


Another great way to get leads from Facebook for free! This is the 50 contact method from Facebook groups. You'll want to make sure you have joined a few groups that have a few thousand members. Find the biggest groups you can to get the best results. The 50 contact method is simply reaching out to 50 members at a time, from one group, and sending them a private message. You'll find the script for that below. 

You'll only want to do 50 messages per day, to avoid getting blocked from Facebook for spamming members. Since this is a free method, the results will show from the consistency. So you will want to do it on a daily basis, 3-5 times a week, invest about an hour into it. Find a group with the largest member count, visit their member section (after you've joined), select alphabetical order to view the members. Make sure to do this on your desktop to keep better track of the members you've reached out to. After you send a message to 50, write down the last person you did, so you know where to start back up again the following day. 

Now, not all accounts will have a message option available to non-friends. When doing it on desktop, and looking at the members list, simply hover over each members name and their profile will pull up, if it has a message box, click on the message box to send them the message. Don't actually click on their name, because if you click on their name and then hit "back" it can throw you off from where you left off.

So, go to the members list in the group, hover over their name, and click on the message box (if it's there) to send them a message. If you ever forget who you last messaged, you can hover over a name and click the message box, and when the messenger pulls up, it'll show if you have sent that person a message already. Then paste the following script to them:



Hey (Their First Name)! I saw that we were in a local Facebook group together. Just wanted to reach out and introduce myself, I am a real estate agent with (Your Brokerage) and love connecting with all of our locals in case anyone had any questions about buying or selling. If there is anything I can assist you with in regards to real estate or our local community, please let me know! I'd love to extend an invite for you to follow our/my page, we keep our members updated on what's going on locally. Thanks! (Attach your business page link for Facebook)


Be sure to copy and paste the script above into a word document or into notes, and edit in your own information, then copy and paste it into the messenger boxes for each individual. It's important that you write out their names, so you make a personal connection to them, instead of pasting without addressing them by name.

This method has gotten me a few buyer leads in the short amount of time I did it (8 times in a month), and did a great job of helping me grow my Facebook page. A lot of messages to people who aren't on your friends list go to the "Other" inbox, of which many people don't know about, so it can go unnoticed. This is a free method to get buyers and sellers, so remember, if you aren't investing money, you need to invest time. Which means if you aren't doing this consistently, and often, it won't give you great results.  Once someone reaches out to you, just follow through as soon as possible to assist them with any questions. Don't get discouraged if you don't see responses right away. Sometimes it takes that right lead a few days to read your message or respond. Consistency will give you the power in this method. And having them follow your page gives you the opportunity to nurture them.

Here is what one of our gals told us recently:

"Hey Linda, I wanted to tell you about my results from the 50 contacts, I sat down and did it for one day. One month later I had a seller reach out about listing their home, and got to sell it. I was super excited, but bummed out that I didn't do it daily, because who knows how much business I'd have now doing it, I'm going to pick this back up again."

The results are there if the consistency in doing it is there.