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July Calendar



What To Write: If your wood floors aren't great candidates for sanding and staining, you can add some charm by painting them white.


What To Write: If you really want some country charm, you need a home with some exposed brick. If you love this style, let's get in touch. I'd love to help you hunt down a home with such a treasured feature! 


What To Write: Check out this charming farmhouse bathroom! Love the unique touch in reclaimed wood and the light fixture above the bath.

LRE Social


What To Write: Barn doors don't just belong out in the barn! Do you think barn door trends are declining? Would you still add them into your home?


What To Write: Add some personality to your wood floors by opting for reclaimed wood instead of a traditional stain. 

DAY 11

What To Write: If you want farmhouse charm in your dining room, consider adding a mix-matched dining set. They add instant personality to your dining area and have so much charm and character.


DAY 13

What To Write: This reclaimed wood table really makes a statement. It adds a subtle country charm without being too in-your-face with the decor.

DAY 15

What To Write: Search for industrial style chairs to add to your kitchen island! Paired with the wood counter top, this kitchen space really adds a cozy feel against a stark white backdrop.

DAY 17

What To Write: An essential element to farmhouse decor is shiplap white walls, or even white tiled walls. Do you prefer tile or shiplap?


DAY 19

What To Write: If you want a big change, find a way to add beadboard, shiplap, or wainscoting into your home. One thing you’ll notice about a lot of farmhouse style homes it that the walls are full of dimension and texture.

DAY 21

What To Write: Exposed brick, industrial furniture, and reclaimed wood. These few elements in your decor can take your home from feeling lifeless to a cozy and intimate atmosphere.

DAY 23

What To Write: Sometimes the best feature in a room can be the odd small room you don't know what to do with. Head to Pinterest and see how charming spaces like in this photo below can be!


DAY 25

What To Write: Even if you don't live directly on a farm, you can bring farm elements into your home by growing plants inside and using framed floral artwork.

DAY 27

What To Write: It's without kitchen that a farmhouse theme needs a farmhouse sink. In your next home reno, be sure you make room in your budget for an apron front sink. 

DAY 29

What To Write: One of the fastest and easiest ways to change the feel of any space is with a light fixture. It’s a guaranteed way to change the vibe in any room without a lot of expense or time, like the beautiful light fixtures that pull this room together.