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Check out our Facebook calendar below for our "Modern" theme. We've created pre-made content with verbiage to publish, along with additional topics/content we recommend you create and publish to add a little more personality to your page. Don't forget to watch the tutorial video from the Facebook Manager page on automating your content. The calendar will be updated every month to provide a great turnaround of material to publish on your pages.


July Calendar



What To Write: Black can be a hard color to work with on walls, but we're in love with this clever striped accent wall. Would you ever add black to your walls or is that a big no-no for you?


What To Write: Don't be shy when it comes to embracing your eccentric space. Your home should be the place you go to "get away," so decorate it in a way that makes it dreamy to you.


What To Write: Ready to stage your home? Here is an important tip, start by removing furniture. The best tip to staging a space is removing clutter before you start on anything else.

LRE Social


What To Write: Love these pink french doors! Although this is in a commercial office, this could be a great touch to a pantry or an office in your own home. What do you think?


What To Write: When you think chic, you won't often think cowhide. But this pairing of decor is both feminine and beautiful! Do you like the touch of cow hide or would you get with a different rug style?

DAY 11

What To Write: What do you think of this reverse paint job? Light towards the bottom and dark on top. 


DAY 13

What To Write: Your dining space should inspire entertainment between family and friends. Spice it up in a way that encourages you to invite guests over. Adding a little social flare to your lifestyle through your home can be a mood-boost.

DAY 15

What To Write: Skip the traditional headboard and go with something more bold! Getting one bold element in your space helps eliminates the need to clutter it with too much decor.

DAY 17

What To Write: Every woman deserves her own perfect vanity! Have some extra space in your bedroom and trying to figure out what to do with it? Consider making it the spot you get to pamper yourself in!


DAY 19

What To Write: Love this storage idea in a living room! The pink sliding doors pass as an elegant statement piece. Do you like the set-up in this condo?

DAY 21

What To Write: Add a romantic flare to your bedroom decor. User layers to add luxury and flowers to bring in a natural perfume.

DAY 23

What To Write: Does your space inspire you? If not, let's get in touch. You need a home that helps your creative side bloom!


DAY 25

What To Write: Add a bold feminine element to your bathroom by splurging on your mirror! Skip the Walmart mirrors and head to antique stores to find a beautiful fixer-upper. 

DAY 27

What To Write: Want your home to look like it came out of a magazine? Pair bold patterns together with some elegant elements! Do you love this space?

DAY 29

What To Write: With a massive uprising in female entrepreneurs, finding space in the home for an office is a must! If your building a powerful business, let me help you find a home with a powerful office space!