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Check out our Facebook calendar below for our "Modern" theme. We've created pre-made content with verbiage to publish, along with additional topics/content we recommend you create and publish to add a little more personality to your page. Don't forget to watch the tutorial video from the Facebook Manager page on automating your content. The calendar will be updated every month to provide a great turnaround of material to publish on your pages.


July Calendar



What To Write: When you live by the beach, outdoor life is priority. Spruce up the decor to make it cozy and inviting - emphasize your decor around the view to make sure it's number one. 


What To Write: Even if you don't live beach-side, you can add subtle hints of nautical decor and different shades of blue to help bring in the coastal charm inside. 


What To Write: Want a more formal look to your beach home? Use deep shades of navy to add a glamorous touch toy our coastal theme.

LRE Social


What To Write: How do you make an all white room cozy? Add some plants to bring in life and subtle hints of color, like in these pastel blue chairs.


What To Write: Vibrant colors, a mix of bold patterns, and some flowers - this dining space really adds to a beach vacation theme.

DAY 11

What To Write: Use natural elements in a bold way! We're in love with this washed up beach wood light fixture. What do you think of this living room decor?


DAY 13

What To Write: Add a whimsical touch to your decor by using bold shades of colors. It's not often you see a pale blue with bright orange, but the colors in this room really compliment one another!

DAY 15

What To Write: Mimic the maritime charms of this dining space by adding artwork of ships and a seascape!

DAY 17

What To Write: Add subtle seaside scenery like this beautiful mix of shades in this wallpaper. The rope swing bed is the perfect touch in this bedroom!


DAY 19

What To Write: Add breezy blue shades to your kitchen, complimented with reclaimed wood accents to complete a charming, but luxurious, beach home kitchen.

DAY 21

What To Write: For low-key island vibes that don't overpower the room, add in a variety of blue shades mixed with white.

DAY 23

What To Write: Distressed furniture and these reclaimed wood panel walls really give this room a weathered look, which ties in perfect for those windy shores.


DAY 25

What To Write: This rope swing chair makes this living room feel modern and coastal. Paired with the wood accent wall and you'll feel like you're in a cozy beach cottage!

DAY 27

What To Write: Create visual interest in your home by using contracting wood details against a white or cream backdrop.

DAY 29

What To Write: This industrial coffee table takes the coastal trend on a rustic twist. Do you love the floral arrangement overhead?