Email Marketing Ideas

Need some creative content to use throughout your email marketing? No worries! Use the content we offer below, or draw inspiration from it to create your own. Be sure to add your branding to the emails you send, so your sphere doesn't forget who it's coming from. 


SUBJECT: Smart stairs, literally.

WHAT TO WRITE: Want to add some art along your stairs, but avoiding the typical family photos? Showcase the books you love the most by adding book shelving up the walls of your stair case. 

SUBJECT: Swing Into A Dream Room

WHAT TO WRITE: If you have an empty space in your room, and want to figure out how to add a cozy touch to it, we recommend this adorable swing chair. Plop in their with your favorite book and you'll never want to get out. If you don't have a dream room yet, I'm always just a phone call away to find you your dream room in your dream house. 

SUBJECT: Can you guess the trends?

WHAT TO WRITE: We're half way through the year, can you believe it?! 2019 is expected to be a year of big changes in home trends. Can you guess what the top paint color is going to be for 2019?


SUBJECT: A Coffee Lover's Dream.

WHAT TO WRITE: This may look like an expensive addition, but how much money would it save you long term if you were able to give up Starbucks? If you live off of coffee, this would be the perfect addition to your kitchen.

And if you want this bad enough but don't have enough space in your kitchen, you can always reach out and I'll find you a dream house you can add this into. 


SUBJECT: Light Up Your Path... Literally.

WHAT TO WRITE: Adding light to your outdoor living space will already add some ambiance, but you could take it up a notch and use some lanterns. Add some elegant white ones for a classy look, or use some rustic ones. 

And if you don't have a space in your current home for this in your backyard, give me a call, everyone needs a little space to enjoy the outdoors.

SUBJECT: A Hole In The Floor With A View

WHAT TO WRITE: Talk about a soothing bath. Looks like it may cause a little bit of anxiety stepping into, depending on how deep it is, but it'd be a nice view - especially with that skylight. If you know you need a comfortable bath during these hectic weeks, let me find you a home with the perfect tub to relax in!


SUBJECT: A Copper Bouquet 

WHAT TO WRITE: Copper sinks are trending in new builds this year, but you could always take yours to another level and add some art.

Whether you want a copper sink, a farmhouse sink, or any other kind of sink, I'm your gal to find you a home with the perfect one!

SUBJECT: House or Moldy Icing Piping Tip?

WHAT TO WRITE: Kidding! Of course it's a house. Tucked away comfortably in the forests of Chile. Would you live here? It's a taking outdoor living to an extreme!

If you don't have any plans to fly off to another country and live in a hobbit style home, you could always give me a call and we can find something a little more traditional in our neck of the woods. 

SUBJECT: Who Needs Spain When You Can Use Flowers

WHAT TO WRITE: Well, we might still prefer Spain - look at that view! But you could add a little romance to your house by using floral arrangements throughout your outdoor space. If you don't have the space to decorate, or even just want a better view, don't hesitate to call me!

I might not be able to sell you Spain, but I can sell you a dream house!


SUBJECT: Get Sweet This Holiday Season

WHAT TO WRITE:  Get to have the pleasure of hosting the holiday meals this year? (Or are you "stuck" with it?") Fortunately, you can throw a few ingredients together and become the Pinterest-Queen (or king) of the party. Check out these adorable treats that will be a perfect dessert for your next Christmas party. You can snag the recipe here:

And if you have been thinking about selling, I can make these treats for your home's next open house!

SUBJECT: Need Some Christmas Theme Inspiration?

WHAT TO WRITE: If you have been stuck on a color theme to decorate for Christmas this year, check out this list of tree decor themes:

Great way to find some inspiration for your next masterpiece. If you don't have the right space for your dream tree, you know how to reach me! I'd love to help you find the perfect house for the perfect Christmas decor.

SUBJECT: How NOT To Decorate Your Home...

WHAT TO WRITE: We all LOVE to talk about our favorite features in a home and the top trends. But can we take a moment to go over the things your home decor can live without? Check out this list from The Spruce that sums up a few of things we can knock out of our living spaces:

Let's start house hunting for your dream home, and we'll be sure to avoid these interior decorating faux pas. 


SUBJECT: Living On The Edge, Literally

WHAT TO WRITE: It's a stunning view of the ocean, but definitely living on the edge with this home. Would you move into a house like this? If so, kudos to you - you've got guts! You can view more photos of this unique home here:

And whether you want a home like this, or a little more traditional, I'd love to help you find the right one!


SUBJECT: Keep Out The Junk

WHAT TO WRITE: Cleaning out the fall leaves and dirt from a pool isn't everyone's favorite experience, but having a pool is amazing, especially when the weather gets hot! Check out this clever pool cover that makes owning a pool much easier. Check out these other unique pools:

And if you don't have a pool, you can give me a call and we'll make a home with a pool happen!

SUBJECT: Small Space, Big Ideas

WHAT TO WRITE: Small kitchens can be renovated in a clever way to store all of your knick knacks and goodies!

Check out this image gallery of creative tips to a small kitchen space: Or you can just give me a call, but it's long past due you deserve to move into a home with a bigger kitchen.


SUBJECT: It Starts With The Faucet

WHAT TO WRITE: Looking to add some more character to your kitchen? You might be surprised how much a kitchen faucet can bring life back to your "chef's" space. Take a peek at all of these unique faucets in the bathroom and kitchen of these homes:

If you're looking to find a dream kitchen, with the perfect faucet, give me a call or send me an email!

SUBJECT: A Drive-Through In Your Basement

WHAT TO WRITE: If a drive-through theater has been on your bucket list, you could bring one right to you! Into your home, that is. Imagine having such a fun theater in your basement! Let's find you a home that gives you the space to bring your bucket-list dreams to life! Let's chat.

SUBJECT: The "Key" to Home Decor.

WHAT TO WRITE:We know recycled art is in, but it's always impressive to see the creativity of what people can come up with with normal household goods! Whether you're wanting a key wine glass, or a key to your dream home, give me a call!

Check out some more of this artist's key work:


SUBJECT: From Unicorns To Homes

WHAT TO WRITE: Starbucks drink flavors change as consistently as the real estate market! If you have been considering a move, let's get you started before the change happens for the worse.

Let's meet for coffee! It's on me, and I won't judge if you prefer the wild flavors. 

SUBJECT: A Starry View In The Day

WHAT TO WRITE: Check out these awesome cut-out black-out curtains. I suppose they'd do if you hate your view. Or you can skip the DIY and give me a call. I'll get you into a house you don't want to cover up the views on!

Still a clever idea for a kids room.

SUBJECT: No, You're Not In The Desert.. But This Is.

WHAT TO WRITE: This mirror home in a desert in California took mirage to a whole new level. But a care-free move doesn't have to feel like a mirage when you give me a call! 

Check out the amazing shots captured from this home:


SUBJECT: You Can Still Swing When It's Rainy Out

WHAT TO WRITE: If you have the space to do it, it could be clever to add a swing. Though, not anything I've yet to see in any house! Would you add a swing in your home? 

Give me a call, I'll get you into a bigger space, and you can add anything you want to it! Whether it's a swing or something more conventional.  

SUBJECT: A Real Life Hobbit Experience

WHAT TO WRITE: Check out this new concept to the tiny living lifestyle! From tiny home to hobbit home. You can see the interior photos here:

Whether you're looking to downsize or re-size, I'd love to help you find the right size. Even if you're looking for a home that suits the hobbit life. :)

SUBJECT: No More Laundry On The Floor.

WHAT TO WRITE: A full laundry basket can be an eye sore! Let's find you a house with the right bathroom storage. You can hide those dirty clothes that collect in the bathroom in a hidden hamper. We're all a little guilty of not walking our dirty laundry straight away to the laundry room. This solves that problem!