Oh Facebook, it has literally become the holy grail of online marketing solutions. Insert shocked face emoji when I hear other agents say they don't feel like making one, because it's "too much work." The amount of business waiting to be plucked from Facebook's gold mine of followers is astounding, and has been my #1 source of buyers and sellers. And by #1, I'd say 90-95% of my closings have come from clients I found directly on Facebook. And about 40% of those from paid ads on Facebook. 

Now I know you're itching to get into the marketing section to see exactly what types of ads to create, but I am forcing you to go through the branding modules, because you have to have the right presence to actually make it work. You can't just put up a random photo, blurry cover image, and spam your wall. Because then you can spend thousands on ads and be lucky if you even see one to two leads come through. I'm here, not only to teach you how to work social media, but how to do it affordably so you aren't throwing money down the drain. And that means perfecting your brand, and perfecting your social media presence. So if you don't have a Facebook business page yet; yes, go create one, now! If you're wondering if it's worth the time; yes, yes, yes, a million times yes!

There are thousands of agents on social media, but I think I'm safe to say only about 1% are using it correctly. And I truly mean 1%. How often do you hear agents talking about their business coming 100% from social media? Not very often. And that's because there is a mindset to throw up a quick business page, think you'll get leads come to you organically, then shout from the rooftops it's a waste of time, when truthfully, you didn't invest the time to work it right.

And that opinion is not exaggerated! Now most agents think Facebook is good for ads. And by good for ads, I mean spamming the life out of every human being in their area until they start getting blocked by everyone. What if I told you, your job isn't to advertise to people? What if I said it's to build a community of followers, that have been made to understand your services, and that come to you for business naturally? That, my friends, is called a hot lead. And that's what I'm here to help you get. Because with the right presence, page, and brand, you'll have organic growth skyrocket, and hot leads come in by the boat load.

If you've not set up a Facebook page yet, I've attached a video on how to do so below if you aren't tech savvy. If you already have set up a Facebook business page, here are my top 10 pointers to make sure your page is in good order:

1. Only use a logo for your profile image if you are creating a neighborhood page. For your personal business page, use a professional looking photo of you. If you don't have professional photos, get dressed up pretty, find a white background with natural light coming through, put that smartphone on selfie mode, and snap a picture. You can find tips on YouTube on how to make a selfie look professionally done.

2. Make sure your Facebook business page name is short and easy to remember. Make it your name, your team name, or your branded name. Don't add your brokerage name, telephone number, etc. to your business page name. There are other aspects of your page you can put this on, by putting it into your business page name, makes your page automatically look spammy.

3. Be sure to have created a tag (write under your business name), and ensure it's easy to remember and not too long. Make it your business name, your name, a short tagline, or something relevant to your area.

4. Make sure your call to action is set up. You can forward it to your website or landing page, if you don't have it set to your website, make it so that a visitor can call you if they need your services. A one-click call option is great. However, landing pages work best. 

5. Also be sure to add your website or landing page link to the about section of your page.

6. Go to the back end of the about section and have everything about you filled in. From your bio to your contact information. In the address slot, you will need to put in your brokerages information.

7. Your bio section only allows a few characters, about 2-3 sentences long. Make your first sentence a short summary of your services, including location. Make your second a call to action to get in touch, either by messaging, calling, visiting your website, etc. You can also add your brokerage's name in the about section. 

8. Ensure your cover photo is high quality and expresses your brand. We'll talk more about this in the next module. Your cover photo is where I recommend having your brokerage's logo. And yes, by having it on the cover, you ARE complying with rules.

9. Do not spam your page with listings, open houses, random pictures, etc. Make sure your page has a story to tell and connects intimately with your niche audience.

10. Have a pinned post at the top with either an introductory video and short information how to contact you, or make it a fun picture of you that really pops out. In the text, don't make it come off like a boring ad, just introduce yourself, be quirky if your audience suits it, sound eloquent if your audience is more luxurious, and add a small call to action to get in touch if they need any real estate help. Make this your hello as if you were meeting someone in real life, which means you don't ram your past sales and ability to close in 5.7 days down their throat the second they come to visit your page.