Ladies of Real Estate

We've created a phenomenal and FREE Facebook group for our Ladies of Real Estate. It's an amazing platform to come together and share ideas, advice, and support each other in our roller coaster of an industry. 

We run an incredibly tight-knit community. Because of it's size, we also enforce incredibly strict rules to maintain the value the group gives, and to avoid it becoming a spam zone. It's essential, that we as a community, preserve the quality of our group.

We have a zero-tolerance policy on ALL of our rules. In order to remain a member, please review our rules below, become accustomed to them, and partake & enjoy the aspects that are permitted. Now the rules may seem a little tough, but it's what keeps the value that the group continues to give. We want ALL of you to stick around, and only ask that you contribute to the group in a way that contributes for everyone, including yourself. The free group rules:


Promotional posts are not allowed. Unless we create a post within the group that explicitly says you can share your promotional material/side hustle within the comments. Outside of that, any promotional material of any kind is not permitted. This includes:

  • Sharing any open houses/homes for sale/etc.

  • Don't promote your website or social media pages. Any links, no matter the content of your post, to your personal stuff is against the rules. This includes no sharing.

  • Pitching any products/services you sell on the side. Be it MLM, graphic design, coaching, etc.

  • NO affiliate products. Ladies, we are in every aspect of the real estate industry, we aren't naive to affiliate links. This includes posting an image of a product and trying to "slyly" post the link within the comments.

  • No posts sharing your contact information. 



  • No like for like social media chain posts.

  • No posts collecting emails. If you want to share something, upload it directly to the group.

  • No asking for properties for sale for your clients. This isn't the MLS.

  • No sharing content from your personal page. Post it to the page directly.

  • No coaching videos.

  • No videos pitching anything, including your open house.

  • If it has a link to an outside source, you're already breaking the rule. Remove the link, and you'll be safe to stay in the group. 

  • No asking for what brokerage to go with. We have had to discontinue allowing this question, because they turn into a feeding frenzy of spam and recruitment attempts. This decision has come from community complaints, trust us, you don't want to open that can among 70,000+ agents. 



  • If you harass/bully any members you will be removed.

  • No condescending, passive aggressive statements. Either say something productive or move on.

  • No whining. This is a FREE group, don't like what we approve? Remove yourself from the group.

  • Do NOT message admins or moderators about why you were removed. You'll only be removed (without notice) if group rules are broken.

  • Do not message Linda with complaints about the group. If you see someone breaking a rule, you can report the post for us to review.

  • Do not play the role of admin or moderator by telling ladies rules that are not enforced. Only the dedicated moderators and admin will enforce rules. 

  • Do NOT bash ANY agents within our group. Even if you had a bad experience with one. 

  • We are grown women, not children, man-bashing within our group is not tolerated. Period.

  • No business bashing.

  • Do not ask support questions for any products you may have a subscription to with Ladies of Real Estate, LRE Social, or any other programs. This group is not for that purpose. It will deter away from the focus of the group. If you are a paying member for any of our programs, please reach out to us through our support forms on the platforms you pay for.

  • Any nastiness or negativity, any ugly judging/bashing will get you removed instantly. 

  • Do NOT solicit members in the comments section. No "I'll send you a P.M." unless the original poster specifically requests it. We are always notified when members are being solicited via P.M. and we will ban you from our group.

  • NO recruiting attempts. If you try to advertise/ recruit for your brokerage, you will be removed.

  • No pointless ranting. If you have a question or are seeking advice, that's fine. A rant for the sake of ranting is not permitted. Our group is to be a fun place to grow, not a spot to fill with cattiness or negativity. 

  • If you ban/block any admin or moderators, you will be removed instantly. We can still see your membership within our group, and can see if you have blocked us.

  • Our community is large and close knit. If we find out you are screen-shotting and sharing anything within our group to other groups, either to mock/talk negatively about, you'll be banned immediately. 


We reserve the right to change and update rules at any given moment, and remove you for content that goes significantly against the culture of our group. Don't like it? Remove yourself. 



Come From Contribution

  • If you have any questions or need advice, feel free to ask!

  • If you have a referral to share, you can do so within our community.

  • If you have helpful tips and advice to give, examples of marketing you do to share, please do! So long as it's not a promotion of any material.

  • Post creative material and advice you have to give to our community.

  • So long as you're coming from contribution, and there is no motive behind your post, you'll more than likely be safer. Even safer if you don't add a link. If you add a link after your post has been approved, you'll be banned instantly.


We have 15 moderators, asking admin why you have been banned or why your post wasn’t approved will not get a response. Do not ask why your post wasn't approved, if we don't believe it's within culture, or we think it will start up inappropriate conversations within the comments, we will not approve it. Come from contribution, don't sell any products or services, and you'll have a blast within our value packed group.

Your membership depends on you following these group rules. With 70,000+ members, we do not have time to give members warnings every time a rule is broken. There is no warning, no second chances, you will be removed immediately if any of the group rules are broken. Please respect our group rules, and we'll respect your membership within our community.


Being a paying member of any Ladies of Real Estate products/programs does not guarantee you a stay within our free group if you aren't following rules.

Our group admin is the exception to these rules and will share content related to Ladies of Real Estate and it's services. Be sure to follow all of our rules. Your removal from the group for doing otherwise will be immediate and without notification.

Some of these offenses, depending on severity, can and will get you banned from all Ladies of Real Estate programs and services. We reserve the right to cancel your products and will NOT offer a refund for services if your content is severe in it's offense - i.e. trashing people, trashing people's business, nasty bullying, etc. 

We reserve the right to use any content/posts/pictures/reviews you post into the group to use throughout our marketing. By becoming a member and posting within the group, you consent use of your content to Ladies of Real Estate. In given instances, credit will be given to you. Follow these rules and you'll continue to be a part of our fast growing, value giving community to help you grow your business and meet amazing women across the world.

Now that we've gotten our rules out of the way, we want to personally thank you for being a part of one of the fastest growing communities for women within our industry. It is LRE's vision and goal to provide a community that gives us the platform to succeed. Real estate is tough, with our industry experience, we know its aches and pains well. And our peers within the industry tend to not make that easier for us. In fact, most of our biggest struggles occur when dealing with other agents. Ladies of Real Estate isn't just a place for women, it's a movement to change the way consumers see our industry, and it's a movement to build stronger bonds between agents. And by being here, and being a part of our group, by supporting this movement through your participation through our programs, you are helping us accomplish a bigger and better career for all of us, including YOU. So thank you from the team that works hard to make it their focus to make YOU successful. We love and adore all of you, and hope with your partnership, we will make a major impact for our industry. 

IMPORTANT NOTE: Due to the high volume of posts made daily, we will turn off threads with over 100+ comments, to give other threads a chance to get an answer.