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Ladies of Real Estate

Ladies of Real Estate is looking for coaches! Our LRE Social program is a one-stop shop for our Ladies in Real Estate, providing amazing tools to help grow their businesses. We're paying YOU for your amazing marketing and coaching skills in the real estate industry to help our beautiful ladies continue to grow their real estate businesses. Learn more below!



We're looking for creativity! Videos need to be fun and upbeat, and full of amazing value for our ladies. Video submissions need to follow the requested guidelines/topics listed below. If you do create a video that is not within the requested topics, please contact us through the form button below to ensure it is something we can publish on the site. Important Note: In your video submissions, we are looking for more than just sitting in front of a camera and talking. You'll need to showcase, edit in, material that coincides with your topic to make each video more creative, and really express to our viewers what it is they are learning about.


1. Lead Generation

Our lead generation videos are going to be prioritized over other submissions. We are looking for unique and out-of-the-box marketing and lead generation ideas, that are PROVEN, based on your personal results. Videos need to be fully descriptive, with step-by-step instructions, and showcase the results you've received using the method you're showcasing. We're particularly looking for social media and email marketing techniques, but also open to offline marketing suggestions.

2. Marketing & Branding Coaching

Immersive topics for agents focused on growing their marketing within the real estate industry and building a powerful brand. Videos must be descriptive, show how-to's and examples, and really provide a step-by-step guide on what agents need to do to become successful on the topic you're coaching on.

3. Contract Coaching

Ladies of Real Estate has a huge array of new agents, we'd like coaching material centered around breaking down the details of contracts and explaining how to write one up properly for their clients. This can be purchase and sale agreements, etc. 

4. Creative Content

From hosting events to get business, showcasing cute pop-by gift videos and how to make them/use them, important tips to staging a home that is for sale, the types of content to put in a buyer or sellers binder when you begin to work with them/close with them, etc. The more creative and detailed your videos, the more likely it will be published and you'll get paid! Content can also be focused on self-growth and health/fashion/fitness IF it is highly focused around the real estate industry. You want to put yourself in the shoes of our real estate agents and create a topic that focuses on fully transforming their lives. Both in business, and even personal. Remember, you want to create an experience. If you're doing a health coaching video, you'll need to provide challenges, worksheets, or menus, etc.



1. Videos MUST NOT have any personal branding. Commentary that leads to, or suggests, personal coaching programs and sites is not accepted. Please keep in mind that we are paying you to be an exclusive coach to LRE Social. You're welcome to run any other side coaching business, but the videos you create, and we pay for, must be exclusive to LRE Social, cannot be published anywhere else, including your own site, and our design team will create an overlay with our LRE branding, including your name, over the video. Even minor suggestions to personal content will lead to a denial of your submitted video.

2. Videos must be high quality, 1080p, and must be filmed in great quality lighting. Natural light preferred. Video and sound quality must be fantastic. Coaches must be upbeat, sound natural (not scripted), and provide amazing value in each video. Here is a sample video on YouTube we'd like the quality to match. This video is not real estate related, the comparison is to focus on quality, not content discussion. VIEW SAMPLE VIDEO. We're looking for modern, bright, chic, and blog style videos specific to our industry. 

3. Videos must be 30 to 60 minutes long, longer if needed. We want each video to create an experience for our agents. Videos need to have a to-do for our agents towards the end, potentially accompanied with a worksheet if the topic can use it. We want our ladies to experience more than just watching a video, but instead, being motivated to incorporate your teachings so they can easily go out and implement it into their personal and business lives. 

4. Our team will take up to 5 business days to review videos submitted. We will reach out to let you know if your coaching video is accepted or denied, or if a revision is requested. If your video is accepted, payouts are direct deposited within 1-2 weeks. 


Ladies of Real Estate is paying $500 per video that gets published on our website. There is no maximum number of videos you can submit. You can make a great side (or even full) income coaching for Ladies of Real Estate's members. Make $5,000-$10,000/Month working for LRE! All videos simply need to follow the terms and conditions listed above to ensure it is published on our program. Please DO NOT submit your videos for review until you are sure it complies with the requested information above. We have strict standards for what is published on the site, to ensure it compliments the current content our program provides.


Videos will need to be submitted to Our team will take up to 5 business days to review your video to let you know if it's been accepted. If it is accepted, it generally takes 1 week to have it published on the site. Payouts are within 1-2 weeks via direct deposit. If you create content and submit weekly, and it is published, you can be on a weekly direct deposit plan for each Friday.

After your video is accepted, our team will send an exclusive-rights agreement to the video prior to publication. This agreement states we have all rights to use and marketing of the coaching video, and that it cannot be published on other sites outside of the membership, unless done so by our team. If your video is not accepted, it will not be used in any of our marketing, and will still be exclusively owned by you. 

We're looking for amazing industry experts that would love to focus on coaching in the real estate industry full time and work for LRE! However, if you have an amazing topic, and need the side money to do one video, that works too! Our biggest focus is to partner with an amazing expert within our industry to continue bringing immeasurable value to our Ladies that LRESocial is known for! We look forward to review your video!