Now in your tagline, you can be free to get industry specific. When it comes to the tagline of your logo, I highly recommend keeping it extra simple by putting Real Estate, Realtor, Real Estate Agent, Real Estate Team, etc. under it. Then you'll want a fun tagline that expresses what your company motto is, and this, you can incorporate in your business cards, social media bios, flyers, etc. I want to start this module off by highlighting the separation of taglines from logos and your actual motto, because so often I see a logo over complicated by a tagline that is almost a novel. It's okay to have a sentence as your tagline that you want clients to think of when they hear of you, but use the long one in other aspects of your marketing. Make the logo tagline your industry specific, hence, real estate.  Check out the example below to understand what I mean:



Logo 11.jpg



See the difference? The right side complicates the logo.

And people aren't going to squint in an attempt to read that in a logo, so it's not necessary right there. Use your motto in a quote format in large letters in other aspects of your marketing, it'll have a bigger impact that way. However, with all of this said, you can have fun with other verbiage in your logo tag. Some favorites I have seen are: love where you live, your (city) expert, making moves simple, etc. If you can create a condensed version of your tagline, or your tagline in general is about 3-4 words, then that can easily, and appropriately, be incorporated in a logo. Now that we've got the logistics out of the way, let's discuss some good taglines.


Your tagline can express the way you provide service that stands out from other agents in your market, it can express the connection to a niche market you want to break into, it can express a statement about you or your city, and so much more! It's what you want your first impression to be for clients, that helps close that gap of what statement you want to express from your brand. Check out our list below of some great real estate taglines to help you get inspired. Keep in mind most of these are in use, so get inspired, but don't imitate. Remember, you want to be different.



1. Helping you fall in love with home.
2. Helping you build your way towards your dreams.
3. Un-complicating the biggest purchase of your life.
4. Own a piece of Music City.
5. Dreams are only a home away.
6. A luxury experience at every price point.
7. Home, the sweetest feeling in the world.
8. Trust your house dreams in the right hands.
9. Your Home. My Priority. 
10. Let's make your buying journey a beautiful memory.