I'm going to go against the grain here and say that when you're coming up with a name for you real estate business, you don't have to have real estate IN the name. Keep the industry details to the tagline. Here are the top 2 result producing real estate names I've seen in our industry:

1. Incorporate your name and/or city name.


  • Linda Ward

  • Explore Nashville with Linda

  • Sold with Linda

  • Home Sweet Nashville

  • Nashville's Rustic Living


  • Nashville Real Estate with Linda Ward (too long)

  • Homes for Sale in Nashville with Linda (too long)

  • Homes for Sale in Middle Tennessee (This should be used as stealth marketing on social media, but NOT as a business name)

2. Three words max, the shorter the better.


  • Compass

  • Redfin

  • Selling Nashville

  • Linda's Nashville

  • Linda's Home Touch

  • Moving Nashville

  • Modern Millennial Moves

  • Love Where You Live


  • Buy or Sell A Home In Nashville Tennessee with Linda

  • Selling Homes in Nashville Tennessee

  • The Nashville Real Estate Selling & Buying Team


I'm not here to teach you to do what almost EVERY real estate agent is doing. I'm here to teach you what to do differently and in a way that's going to make you stand out. When it comes to marketing, ALWAYS be the black sheep. Always go against the grain. Don't do what every single real estate agent is doing in your market, because it will take you ages to stand out. My real estate business name was "The Duchess Homes." No one in my market was using a name like that, and that gave me power on social media. That gave me power in marketing, because it wasn't just another generic real estate name.


Not only do you want to be different, you want to be memorable. Making your real estate name short means people won't mention you as "Yeah, that Linda Nashville real estate thing." They'll say, "Yeah, call The Duchess Homes." And that, as silly as it is, makes an impact! If you make it hard for people to remember you, they are just going to Google and just search for real estate agent in your area and go with the first couple of people they see with good reviews. When people think real estate, you want to come to mind easily and quickly. And you do that by picking a name consumers don't expect to hear and make it short and sweet.

Changing your business late in the game, if you decide you hate it, can hurt you. So be sure to sit down, write out a lot of keywords that you like, and put together a few of them together until you come up with something you love.

Real estate keywords you can use: Homes, Living, Life, Move, Estates, Dwelling.

And before deciding a name is right for you, make sure it's available on a domain.


1. Explore Nashville with Linda
2. Linda's Home Touch
3. The Nashville Move
4. Adventures in Nashville
5. Music City Living
6. The Nashville Charm
7. Home Sweet Nashville
8. Rustic Living Nashville
9. Dwell Nashville
10. Selling Music City