No matter which type of feed or audience you prefer to have, if you can keep a consistency in color themes, you will pick up followers faster than any other real estate page. I have studied the pages of entrepreneurs in dozens of industries, and the ones with the fastest growth have a color theme that inspires and draws attention. I've put together a few photos of color themes below so you get a better understanding of what I mean.









Can this be time consuming? Yes. Is it worth the time invested? Absolutely! I wouldn't encourage doing it otherwise. If you take a moment, and explore a variety of feeds that belong to successful entrepreneurs (bloggers, speakers, beauty vloggers, etc.), you'll see that their consistency in page themes has attributed to their quick growth.

Not only do they take the time to capture a shot that connects with their target audience, their thought process in growing their brand is reflected in the layout and color themes of their photos. It shows that it's their brand, and they care about it. And it's important you care about yours too. 

As you'll see with one of our favorite Realtor Instagram accounts, Sarah Johnston consistently uses teal/blue in nearly every photo. Incorporating that color in each photo creates her theme, which defines her brand, and when her audience sees that color, it'll make them think of her. No matter what niche you choose, pick a color you absolutely love and already incorporate a lot of in your life, and make that color the theme to all of your Instagram photos.


It may seem like such a silly thing, but it has been statistically proven to boost growth in followers, engagement, and branding power. It helps your page have a story to tell, and is pleasing on the eye. And people love and are drawn to beautiful things. Make your Instagram page beautiful! It may start off a little tough, and not perfect, but that's okay! It'll get easier in time, become second nature, and you know the best part? It'll pay off ten-fold if done consistently!