Instagram - 50 Contacts


The 50 contacts a day method on Instagram is similar to the Facebook 50 Contact method. Your goal is to build a relationship, and start talking to as many individuals as you can in your area. You want to build a recognizable brand without harassing people. It's like door knocking/cold calling, but the social media version. When done consistently, the return in results is great, and it's much easier to do than picking up a phone.

Before you get started, you want to make sure your Instagram page is up to speed. Go over the details of your Instagram page set-up in the branding section of the modules. Once your page is properly set-up, and you have a few posts on there, you'll look a lot less spammy. Invite as many friends as you can to follow you Instagram as possible, that way having followers gives you more credibility.


For step one, you'll want to go to your search section of your Instagram account, and select the "Places" tab. Then write out the city you work in. It'll show a bunch of photos of people that live and post in the area.


STEP 2: 

One by one, you'll visit each person's account and send them a private message. Following the script posted below. Skip the first 9 posts that are in the "Top Posts" section, and move on to the "Most Recent." You can also skip over profiles that may have young kids, instead of adults in a position to purchase, to send messages to. Do 50 a day, in 15-20 increments throughout the day, and message the following script:



"Hey (first name) saw your picture come up in the (your city) feed, and loved it! Just wanted to reach out and introduce myself, I am a real estate agent with (Your Brokerage) and love connecting with all of our locals in case anyone had any questions about buying or selling. If there is anything I can assist you with in regards to real estate or our local community, please let me know! I'd love to extend an invite for you to follow our/my page, we keep our members updated on what's going on locally."


Instagram's bot alert methods are similar to Facebook's. So you'll need to be careful not to get temporarily banned. You can avoid this by doing only 50 messages on a daily basis, and by spreading the messages apart during the day. 25 in the morning, 25 in the late afternoon. So if you hate cold calling, and want to try the next best thing, reach out to people locally, through social media.