100 Community Blog Topics

Blogs are a phenomenal tool to help you get some traction on Google. Especially these days, when we're constantly bidding against sites like Zillow, Realtor.com, and other agent websites that have a boat load of marketing dollars to get in front of more people with basic real estate key terms. So how do you win against big-dogs like them? You get creative with your blogs! Sure, the top earning real estate company in your local market may grab the first eyes on terms like "homes for sale in Houston," but you can grab a bigger community by creating blogs that actually build a RELATIONSHIP with your audience. Like, top restaurants to eat at, top things to do in your community, top family-friendly events, etc. Why are these so important? Because you get to get your brand in front of a community in a way that gives them value without feeling like they are being sold a product to, which can help you build a phenomenal relationship with them.

First you capture them by being the local pro by sharing stuff about your community people actually CARE about, then you bring them into your community even more by having strong call to actions around your blog posts. Like actions to join your email list, or your Facebook group, or like your Facebook page - etc. You could also have more direct call-to-actions like "Get Your Home Value," or "Get A List of Homes For Sale." But your main goal you want to strive for with a blog is to grow your community and grow your audience - aka, your sphere of influence - which is where the money lies.

We love providing our ladies pre-made content, one of which includes pre-written blogs. However, if you want to get your own list of blogs put together for your website, but are stuck on topics to write about, we've listed 200 blog topics below to get inspired by Most of our blogs are home/market focused, so we encourage you to produce some blogs that are more community focused, so you shine as the true local expert - in every aspect of your community. Dive into the blog topics below: 

LRE Social
  1. Top Family Friendly Activities

  2. Free Local Events

  3. The Best Restaurants To Eat At

  4. Best Local Wedding Venues

  5. The Best Local Pizza Joints

  6. Affordable Things To Do For Fun

  7. Most Romantic Spots

  8. Upcoming Events or Concerts

  9. Home Buyer Frequently Asked Q's

  10. Home Seller Frequently Asked Q's

  11. Best Local Bars & Happy Hour

  12. A List of Local Parks

  13. Best Hotels For Stay-Cations

  14. Best Golf Courses In Your Area

  15. A List of The Most Expensive Homes For Sale In Your Area

  16. A List of The Most Eccentric Properties In Your Area

  17. Top Rated Pet Sitting Services

  18. Celebrities That Live In Your Area

  19. Events For Singles

  20. Events For Moms

  21. Meet-Ups For Female Entrepeneurs

  22. New (Big) Job Opportunities/Openings

  23. New Big Businesses Coming Into Your City

  24. List of Top Local Charities

  25. The Best Easter Egg Hunt Hosts/Locations

  26. Community BBQ Events

  27. Best Local Pools

  28. Best Local Lakes/Ponds

  29. Local Football Schedule

  30. Local Basketball Schedule

  31. Local Hockey Schedule

  32. A List of School Supplies For Each School

  33. List of Local School Events

  34. Start & Finish Dates For Local Schools

  35. Hidden Local Gems To Visit

  36. History Spots To Visit

  37. Haunted Homes/Locations

  38. Local Legends/Myths

  39. Great Local Summer Programs For Kids

  40. Local Utility Companies & The Areas They Service

  41. Things To Do In The Winter

  42. Things To Do In The Fall

  43. Things To Do In The Summer

  44. Things To Do In The Spring

  45. Restaurants That Giveaway Free Food For Birthdays

  46. Kids-Eat-Free Restaurants

  47. Pros & Cons of HOA Communities

  48. Hot-Button Topics At City Council Meetings

  49. Local Transportation Companies

  50. School Graduation Dates

51. School Prom & Homecoming Dates
52. Pet Shelters & Adoption Events
53. Free/Cheap Spay/Neuter Locations
54. Best Flea Markets To Visit
55. Best Shopping Places For Home Decor
56. Great Ways To Give Back, I.e. Food Pantries, etc.
57. Health-Focused Restaurants
58. Best Museums To Visit
59. Upcoming Plays/Orchestras
60. Best Antique Shopping
61. R.V. Parking or Camping Areas
62. Local Hiking Spots/Green Ways
63. Nearby Getaways For The Weekend
64. Drives To The Closest Beaches From Your Town
65. Best Taco Spots
66. Best Pizza Spots
67. Best Food Trucks
68. Outdoor Landscaping Tips/Ideas
69. Pros & Cons of Building A Pool
70. Best Shopping Malls/Centers
71. List of Bowling Alleys
72. List of Mini-Golf, Arcade, & Gaming Centers
73. Things To Do/Book At A Local Zoo
74. Top Rated Pet Groomers
75. Top Rated Pet Walkers
76. Top Sites To Find Local Handymen/House Cleaners
77. Best Places To Photograph
78. Best Affordable Clothing Stores
79. High End Clothing Stores
80. Best Neighborhoods To Get Trick or Treating
81. Local Thanksgiving Events/Parties
82. Local Christmas Events/Parties
83. Local New Years Events/Parties
84. Workout Classes
85. Self Defense Classes
86. Dance Classes (Belly Dance, Zumba, etc.)
87. Meet-Ups For Millennials
88. Information About Local Flood Zones
89. Local Towns With The Best Amenities
90. Best Home Safety/Security Tips
91. Best Restaurants For Valentine's Day
92. Best Local Facebook Groups (Add Your Own!)
93. Best Places To See Christmas Lights
94. Best Place To Enjoy 4th of July Fireworks
95. Best Pumpkin Patches
96. Best Places To Get Fresh Fruits/Veggies
97. Showcase Local Cultures (Amish, American-Indian, etc.)
98. List of Private Schools
99. School Holidays
100. Luxury Communities In Your Area


Some of these blog topics may require some invested time into the research aspect. Without copying, don't be afraid to get inspired by what other local companies are blogging about. If you don't have the time to research/write the blogs, you can always hire a local student to write for your website at a fairly affordable rate. Blogs are a phenomenal tool to get some traction on your website. Don't forget to share it on ALL of your social media platforms, as well as in local Facebook community groups.